Breitenbush Service Week January 2002  

Cabins - heated geothermally The Sauna/Steambath
The lodge deck, recently redone View from the office, meadow, lodge, etc.

Aaron and Wes taking care of bizness The middle meadow pool, empty for cleaning
View from the far meadow pool The new labrynth - facing the river
Another view  The Green Team shoveling snow

Our chanting/massage evening in the sancturary Me, myself and I
Snowy view of the lodge Christina and Jamshed (B'bush member)
View from the Meadow Pool Another view, stunning
More shoveling My bunk mates, Aaron and Larry
The whole Service Week crew Debbi saying goodbye on her way to Dallas
The little guy who was around all week and fun to play with :) Snow is melting, saying goodbye to Breitenbush :(
And, it's back to work at King County, my 9-5 home. A trip to SF and Angel Island with Nazzy, Lisa and Tanja!  I am the man! (in orange)