Here are some photos of my trip to California and coming back home to Seattle – March 2002

Rachel and Naomi – 1st haircut

Feed her more fruity booty!

Rachel happy that Naomi is happy

Andrew the happy Dad joins the bunch

Naomi almost taking a first step!

And again, she’s so close!

Hanging out waiting for the seder to begin

Naomi hanging on the floor with Uncle Albi

Dream home in Palo Alto

Dream home of Lisa, Nazzy and Tanja in Noe Valley, SF

Sarna checking in

Lisa relaxing on the couch


Nazzy straightening up her life

View after take off of San Jose

And the San Jose Hill

View from the air

And out the window, is that Mt. Rainier?

Coming into Seattle

A view looking north

The Emerald City

Final descent into Seattle

Freddie and Robert at the Festa Brazil

Mark, Mira, Karen, Laura and Riley enjoying the feast!

More feast-goers with Skippy!

Freddie and the massive desert cart!