Summer of 2001 - Vancouver Folk Festival, Hike at Snow Lake and BURNING MAN!
Some other pictures

Fred, Laurie, Patti and friends at Vancouver Folk Fest Andrew and Tracey sharing a moment
Sunset on Saturday night - pass the cookies Fred, Barb, Albi and Tracey in a pile
This time with Andrew Albi and the stuffed balls having fun
Looking towards the mainstage and the mountains Looking toward the sound - beautiful sunset
A couple weeks later we're hiking to Snow Lake I've lost some weight recently, really!
Albi and Tracey The view to the West
Standing on some scree Albi and Tracey and skree
Tracey and my place - happy! Our day flea-marketing in Fremont
Selling our wares Yes, that's really a Tracey Stover original!
Our table-mate who has since moved to Portland Dan affixes the bikes before we take off for Burning Man
I'm in the mood, let's go! After a great trip, stopping in Klamath Falls to visit Todd, we're there - my tent set up in its first location
Happy to have my tent up! The playa on Sunday - kind a empty
My new friend Steve from the Bay Area New friend Les in the dome which was my home for 8 days
Typical day on the playa Typical evening
Leaving Burning Man Don't worry, more pix to follow!