Welcome to my life in Seattle.  Fall 2001

Asa Mercer Middle School embankment entrance-way to the school - We're gettin there!
Me and my new bus shelter painted on my 40th birthday by friends
and now looking so spanking fine off of Beacon Ave. near Van Asselt School
My apt. on 16th during the potlatch and move-out more moving photos
Our p-patch, Fall of 2001 My plot - one lone sunflower
A northerly view View to the northeast
View from the front Bobby, Rod and John and our recent retreat
Bobby, Albert and John Rod contemplating
Bobby Frank Freddie finishing up the Papaya Tile shower
Craig and Julie in the kitchen Anne, Juan and Albi back in New Jersey
The Comet Lodge Cemetary Comet Lodge Cemetary
Ye olde Comet Lodge - South Beacon Hill My trusty Road Camry Warrior