Neighborhood Planning on Beacon Hill

This document is the work of over 2000 people in the Beacon Hill community.  Young, old, from here and there, rich, poor and everyone in between came to check-in events, called, wrote, dreamed and voted on this effort.  We agreed and disagreed on many things, and with the help of the City and some hired hands we've come up with something we hope you're really going to like!  Please print out a copy of the plan (or pick up a hard copy at the library and other locations soon), sit back somewhere comfortable and join us in our best thinking about the community.  Our next step will be to take this plan and run with it once the City Council has given us their blessing in September.  But we don't have to wait!   Right now $50,000 in Early Implementation Funds have been advanced to us for implementing some parts of our neighborhood plan.  

The Jefferson Park Alliance, a group formed to follow up on our excellent plans for the 6th largest park in Seattle is already underway designing some new pathways through and around the 172-acre park.  We could still use your help in a number of ways - distributing the plan, finding translators for the plan and continuing to form relationships with City personnel and making new friends on Beacon Hill.  If you have any spare time at all and any skills (even if it's just saying hi to someone on the bus :) or have a little time to train, please get in touch.   So, hopefully you're ready to peruse the plan.  Have fun, I hope this inspires you - enough that you'll choose to come out and help us implement this plan and other ideas you think of!  

This effort would never have been possible without the help of our excellent administrative assistants Wei Ban and Mary Klco; our fantastic consultants Dennis Tate of Dennis Tate Associates and Karen Keist of Murase & Associates; the input of 2000 Beacon Hillers; and especially Veronica Jackson of the Neighborhood Planning Office to create the plan and all of its supporting documentation.  Extra Special thanks also to Felicia Gonzalez and Frederica Merrell who co-chaired this incredible effort and without whose leadership and enthusiasm this project would never have reached the state of excellence it did - nor would it have been as much fun :)  

Hasta Luego, Sayonara, Ciao, Shalom, Peace - your webmaster and outreach chairperson for this effort, Albert Kaufman 


ANG ‘JEFFERSON PARK’ Lupon sa pagpaplano

The City's Adoption and Approval Package which was sent from the Mayor's office to the City Council.  (These are word docs and may take a moment to open depending on your connection). If you would like any or all of them sent via e-mail, please let me know.

This letter from the City's Strategic Planning Office to the City Council's Neighborhoods, Growth Planning & Civic Engagement Committee officially presents the plan and its components for Council adoption and approval. This proposed legislation would, if approved by the full City Council, officially recognize the North Beacon Hill Neighborhood Plan and the City's work program based on the plan's recommendations. This proposed legislation amends the City's Comprehensive Plan to recognize the North Beacon Hill Plan and the boundaries of the residential urban village The attachment to the Comprehensive Plan ordinance mentioned above highlights the goals and policies set by the North Beacon Hill Planning Association and details the characteristics of the planning area. The Comprehensive Plan Checklist attachment runs down the basics of Comp Plan requirements and briefly details how the North Beacon Plan meets those requirements. This proposed legislation details areas that the North Beacon Hill Planning Group identified for zoning changes. In general, the group looked at changing Single Family zoning in the Urban Village to encourage mixed residential and retail development. This document shows the areas to be changed; current and proposed zoning of these areas; and the work that the Planning Group and City Staff conducted in order to identify and justify the proposed changes The matrix shows every plan recommendation; the Planning Group's assessment of priority; costs if known; entity responsible for implementation; and the response as to feasibility from City Departments.

NEW: Final approved matrix

December 1999

In this document the City responds to the goals, policies, and specific recommendations of the North Beacon Hill Plan. Here staff may have provided more detail about complex recommendations or may further explain why City Staff felt a recommendation could or could not be accomplished.

Information from Phase 1 of our planning effort:

Visioning Event Summary from Phase I planning work

Mail-in survey which was sent to residents as part of Phase I

Approved Process for Phase II planning process

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October 18, 2001