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Draft Planning Recommendations Presented!
The Queen Anne Neighborhood Planning Committee (QANPC) reviewed its first completed listing of Queen Anne Plan recommendations on Tuesday evening, March 24, 1998. Robert Foxworthy, AICP, Planning Team Project Manager, presented the recommendations in a matrix form to the full committee at their second monthly meeting. Pat Kaufman, Chair of the QANPC, accepted the assembled recommendations and the full committee review began. Approximately 140 separate recommendations were identified from each of the QANPC Topical Committees which will form the foundation of the Queen Anne Plan. Several well-attended public meetings were held in March during which committees presented their list of proposed projects. The evening of the 24th was the first time, however, that all of the proposals were assembled in one document for review. Recommendations ranged from the striping of bike lanes on local roads to the development of a new community center in Lower Queen Anne. Revisions are still occurring, but the essence of the topical planning process is now complete. The QANPC will be taking these proposals and integrating them into larger projects which will be the focus of the Queen Anne Plan. The QANPC will be presenting these recommendations to the Geographical Committees on Monday evening, March 30 at 7:00 p.m. Like all QANPC meetings, the public is encouraged to attend. Topical Committee chairs will be describing each recommendation so that everyone understands what each will entail. The Geographic Committees will then caucus to review these proposals and provided comment on April 13 at the QANPCs first monthly meeting in April. The QANPC intends to begin the process of adopting recommendations at that meeting.
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