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Become a contributing member of the Ravenna-Bryant Community Association!

RBCA and its members work hard on issues important to you, such as traffic and public safety, tree planting, park cleanups, with the goal of preserving the quality of life in our neighborhood. We want new members, and need volunteers to distribute the newsletter and work on a variety of projects. Suggested annual contribution is only $15.00. Your contributions allow us to continue distributing the newsletter and keep you informed. (Dues are not required to become a member, to vote at general meetings or to join the RBCA board.)

Please print, fill out, and return this form with your contribution to:

Ravenna-Bryant Community Association (RBCA)
PO Box 51250
Seattle, WA 98115

Yes, I want to receive the newsletter and other special mailings, and want to make a contribution to help my community. Enclosed is my check made to RBCA. (Suggested amount is $15.)

NAME __________________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________________________________________

PHONE _____________________ E-MAIL _____________________

AREAS OF INTEREST OR CONCERN: ____________________________________________



___ I am willing to help distribute the RBCA newsletter.