RBCA Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, August 8, 2001

Chair: Matthew Bowman

In Attendance: In attendance: Jorgen, Mary, Beth, Donna, Barb, Patricia, Nazila, Matthew
Visiting: Alan Castle

The minutes from July were approved.

Mr Castle expressed concern about the U Village developments, expressed interest in appealing the decision. Deadline was the following day. Jorgen noted Jeannie Hale's support for similar efforts. Alan called Jeannie, learned of an indivual who had pursued this issue previously. Board agreed to support an appeal, provided the monetary outlay was minimal. Mary (with Jeannie) submitted letter of appeal the following day. Jorgen distibuted copies to RBCA board memebrs, along with an appeal for expert witness testimony.

Bylaws discussion was postponed because most of the committee working on proposals regarding updating the bylaws were out of town.

Discussion of repealed ban on Video Signs. The Seattle City Council voted to allow video signs. They had been told by legal council that Seattle's sign ordinance didn't allow them to ban video signs.

Discussion of montlake ball field lights on all night.

Mayoral Forum

Jorgen will pick up newsletter from printer and take to mailing center. Barb to coordinate delivery. Flyers will be ready week of 13 August. Barb will drop off at homes of volunteers, who will distribute.

Magnuson Park discussed. Hughbanks' insistance on hand-picking reps to serve on advisory committee (see update in Jorgen's subsequent NEDC notes)

Eckstein Middle School will put up a 4 x 7 foot illuminated sign.

Nazila reports on Sand Point P-Patch being displaced by new development (Children's Hospital admin facilities).

We decided to have a RBCA board meeting Sept 12 even though we will host the Mayoral Forum in September. .