Minutes of the Wednesday, December 13, 2000, RBCA Board Meeting

Chair: Eileen Farley

In Attendance: Jorgen Bader, Julie Bittner, Scott Cartwright, Jody Chatalas, Bill Clark, Eileen Farley, Barb Holya, Terri Kimball, Rodger Kohn, Nazila Merati, Beth Meshke, Donna Pacanovsky, Deborah Ritter, Larry Sinnott, Bob Solomon, Alison Walker, Mary Whitfield

RBCA Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, December 13, 2000

The University Village future development was the first agenda item. Tom Croonquist and Rich Hill, their attorney, were present. The new proposed development are estimated to be a 4-6 year project. There are three phases. 1) A new building behind the Ram which will house a travel agency, pet store, and other retail is planned for 2002. 2) An 800 car parking garage, which will be approximately 12 feet higher than the Barnes & Noble building is planned for 2003. 3) The current Bartells area will be redeveloped into a 1-2 story building about the same height as Barnes & Noble, planned for 2004 of 2005. The master use permit is still out.

The traffic intersections were discussed. There is negotiation going on with Office Depot about a possible access at the back side of the store to the turn lane drive, instead of an exit on to 25th NE. The city does not want to put in another traffic light on 25th NE. The left turn into QFC from 45th was brought up. Tom noted that QFC is distant to University Village, they are their own corporation. QFC will not allow a parking garage on their rectangle of space. If people have comments or concerns about this turn lane they need to write their letters to the management of that specific QFC store.

David Barkley, also with the QFC representatives, briefly discussed traffic surrounding University Village. Currently, of the 450 employees of U. Village, half ride the bus with a supplied free bus pass. The peak hour period is from 4-6 p.m. Monday through Friday at which time approximately 5000 cars/hour are using 25th and 45th. It is estimated that the new proposed additions will add 290 new trips during those peak hours. Friday and Saturday traffic was not analyzed. A trip was noted to be and in or an out, or in other words a drive into the Village and a drive out of the Village would constitute 2 trips.

The second agenda item was the University of Washington master plan. Bill Clark, our representative on the CUCAC committee was present to give an update. He stated that CUCAC is opposed to the vacating of campus parkway, the 100 ft fence around the golf driving range, and the 50 ft high dormitory building for 500 students near the Silver Cloud Hotel. The dorm building will be approximately 200,000 square feet, with 130 parking spaces. The dorm will be designated for upperclassmen only, and will be comprised of single student suites. Bill will continue to keep us informed of CUCAC's opinions in regard to the University master plan.

Rodger Kohn noted that he will be attending upcoming meetings with regard to the University Area Traffic Study. These meetings incorporate all traffic issues for this area, including I5, 65th NE, 35th Ave NE, the 520 interchange, and the Montlake cut. He will serve as RBCA's representative and will keep us informed.

Deborah Ritter presented her draft 25th Ave NE traffic letter. Deborah will give Rodger Kohn a copy of her letter and will next proceed with calling the NE Precinct.

Jorgen came with a letter written to Jeannie Hale thanking her for her efforts in getting the approval of $90,000 from the City's Neighborhood Matching Fund for the Blakeley Crescent Park. A motion was made to approve and send the letter and the motion carried.

Jorgen presented another letter relating to an issue that the Laurelhurst neighborhood is seeking RBCA's endorsement of, with regard to a code of ethics for those evaluating the funding allocation requests. Eileen respectfully asked that she be given further time to review the issues, before signing the letter. This was tabled until the next board meeting.

Eileen brought up the news that the Northeast Library is being considered for landmark status. Eileen opposes this status, stating the library has no real identifying features of the neighborhood and the interior and exterior would be applicable for this status. The library is apparently an example of the suburbanism of the 1950's. There will be a meeting held on January 17th at 4:30, at the Arctic Building on Third and James. Nazila and Bob felt that the landmark status would be appropriate and would like to see the building preserved. They are not, however, opposed to the library expanding. Eileen suggested that people post any comments they have about this issue to the webmaster who will post them to the RBCA website.

Larry Sinnott noted that there will be a Sound Transit meeting tomorrow, December 14th, and he will be in attendance on RBCA's behalf. He has heard that Sound Transit is favoring a tunnel for Roosevelt.