RBCA Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, December 12, 2001

Chair: Jody

In Attendance: Jorgen, Julie, Matt, Barb, Terri, Nazila, Donna, Bill, Bob

The minutes from November were approved.

Treasurer's Report - Donna. RBCA collected $640

in dues this year. RBCA paid out $50 to SCC ( ), $100 to Seattle Community Network (SCN: a volunteer organization that provides our free website and listserv), $844 in the spring to print the newsletter, and $1,110 to print the mayoral forum mailer in the fall (more copies than in the spring). The current balance is $2,027. There is $700 still coming from Cynthia Sullivan but it is unclear whether this money will continue to come in the future. There was some discussion about mailing costs. Donna will check with Andrew Schmid to ask about the $700 and reiterate RBCA's continuing need for this money.

Terri presented her report with regard to Roosevelt High School. There was a good neighborhood meeting recently. The neighbors located on NE 68th Street were very vocal with regard to parking, athletic fields, lighting and traffic. The Seattle School District is considering the purchase of property south of the school - on the 6600 block, (but no decisions have been made yet) and there is a question about whether NE 66th Street will be closed to local traffic. The final plan is still up in the air. Parking is a big issue; the neighbors don't want additional parking spaces created. The EIS (Environmental Impact Statement) will give neighbors a chance to air their opinions and concerns. A design review committee now has been established with 18 members; four members are also on the site review committee. Bassetti is the architect firm selected. Terri will continue to give RBCA updates.

Jody presented updates regarding University Village. Jody spoke to Jeannie H (Laurelhurst) to obtain current information. NEDC (North East District Council) will be sending a letter to the City Council and the mayor requesting that they send a master plan to the neighborhoods prior to decisions being made so that neighborhoods can comment. In addition, Laurelhurst sent a letter on November 30th. Jeannie would like RBCA to write such a letter. This motion was submitted and approved. Jody and Matt will write the letter together.

Jorgen presented his report concerning NEDC. A complaint was made at the last NEDC meeting about the lighting at Magnuson Park (65-85 foot high poles). University Park will be gearing up to get the noise ordinance passed. And the University Avenue project was approved and has been granted $8 million to make improvements, including widening the sidewalks and the purchase of bus stop furniture.

Blakeley Crescent Park was reviewed by Jody. Kristen Lohse-Clark reported to Jody that 90% of the drawings have been submitted to the Parks Department and to Seatran. It is hoped that building will start late Winter/early Spring. Seatran took some of the park's land for improvements of its own. The Department of Neighborhoods gave matching funds of $90,000 and they will extend the time frame for that money to be used (the park was scheduled to be completed by now).