Minutes of the Thursday, February 15, 2001 RBCA Board Meeting

Chair: Terri Kimball

In Attendance: Jorgen Bader, Julie Bittner, Jody Chatalas, Eileen Farley, Barb Holya, Nazila Merati, Beth Meshke, Kit O'Neill, Donna Pacanovsky, Larry Sinnott, Mary Whitfield

Visiting: John Brennan, David Eckert

Jorgen announced a meeting with Richard Conlin for March 27th with regards to the University District. The meeting will be held at University Heights at 7:00 p.m.

The minutes for the January meeting were passed around and later approved. Donna gave the treasurer's report. There was a total of $2436.41 in the checking account, not including additional checks from the county for newsletter cost reimbursement.

Barb Holya handed out to everyone a copy of the by-laws, and a notecard was passed around for people to sign for Jeanne Hale, whose husband has been very ill.

Dave Eckert presented his ideas for more signage and improvements along the Burke Gilman trail with regard to the nearby parks. Originally he had developed a bike trail design for Ravenna Park but the Parks Department wants the parks to be more pedestrian. Dave noted that there is currently no ADA access to the park and if his plans were to meet RBCA approval would we take on this endeavor under the Neighborhood Street Fund or some other funding agency? This would include streetscape improvements, trees, lights, necessary pavements, and signage. This effort would get more people to go through the park and increase traffic and thus safety. Also, there are no curb cut-outs at 24th NE and Ravenna Place by the park. Larry Sinnot suggested that curbing at Ravenna Place would not stop people from trying to avoid the light at 55th. Kit O'Neill mentioned plans underway to put a bulb on the south and north side of NE 55th. Apparently Ravenna Creek is not going to be daylighted through to Union Bay, but it will be daylighted within the park. The daylighting is part of a county project with a pot of money going to this, which will be completed by 2003. Kit suggested that Dave could work together with the Ravenna Creek Daylighting Group, since they have many of the same ideas and goals.

Jorgen suggested that RBCA should write a letter to the Parks Department requesting that the "Blakeley Crescent Park" be actually named "Blakeley Crescent Park" and not some other name. Jorgen will write the letter.

John Brennan reviewed the latest events regarding the Ravenna PCC closure. There is now a mailing list of over 600 people who desire a voice in what will happen to the property. John has also submitted his name as a candidate for the PCC board, which will hold elections in May. His position is to re-open the store in some form or another. He is not completely opposed to apartments or townhouses on that site, but believes a small grocery store will probably go in at the site if it is redeveloped. A memo from Kathy Blackman was passed around, detailing the three open positions that are opening up on the PCC board.

Jorgen discussed removing the "anchor" designation from the intersection at 40th Ave NE and NE 55th St, and actually perhaps for all the intersections in this area. The NEDC is recommending this change as well. It is unknown apparently what the anchor designation means because the wording is very vague. The board agreed with writing a letter because of the unclear definition. Jorgen will write the letter and Jody will sign.

Jorgen also brought up the Tree Preservation Ordinance. It was decided to put this issue on the agenda for a later meeting as a "watch item". It was moved by the board that Jorgen would be supportive of Jeanne Hale on this issue, but RBCA will further study and discuss this issue.

Terri suggested that there should be a review in the near future of the RBCA bylaws. A subcommittee was formed to undertake this task including Terri, Eileen, Jody and Jorgen.

Terri noted that the Roosevelt High School now has three classes every day who go on litter patrol around the school. The results have been dramatic.

Terri also brought up writing a letter to Mark Sidran thanking him for his efforts in bringing a successful civil lawsuit with regard to the rundown rental properties near the Roosevelt-Ravenna border. Terri will write the letter and Jody will sign.

The discussion turned to the upcoming April general community meeting date, place, and agenda items. The meeting is scheduled for April 9th, at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center at 7 pm. Larry suggested that Jeanne Krekawah (sp?), the project director for the North Segment could speak at the general meeting. Other topics included University Village development plans, 55th and Blakeley development, Sound Transit/Rail Alignment, Plant Amnesty, energy and water conservation, inviting Cynthia Sullivan, and the Ravenna Creek Daylighting project. It was decided that further Ravenna PCC updates would be made in the newsletter.

It was agreed to spend $20.00 for advertising the meeting in the Jet City Maven and Jody will undertake this. Eileen and Terri will chair the general meeting together.