Minutes of the Wednesday, January 10, 2001, RBCA Board Meeting

Chair: Jody Chatalas

In Attendance: Jorgen Bader, Patricia Barber, Julie Bittner, Barb Holya, Terri Kimball, Rodger Kohn, Nazila Merati, Beth Meshke, Donna Pacanovsky, Larry Sinnott, Bob Solomon, Mary Whitfield

Jody asked that the agenda for the meeting be approved, a motion was made and seconded.

Donna gave a treasurer's report: $3,014.33 is in the checking account, and she has more checks in hand to deposit that were received in the mail. Jody made a pitch to the large audience that membership in RBCA is used to help defray communication costs of maintaining the web site and email, and printing the newsletter.

Two people from PCC management, Randy Lee and Tracy Wolpert, were in attendance to hear the community's concerns about the closure of the Ravenna PCC store. Mr. Lee reiterated that PCC's board had made a final decision and that PCC would be very involved with any decisions about future use of the property, whether it be sold or leased. They presented copies of the zoning status of the property and asked that if anyone had any ideas or suggestions about future use of the property to please inform the management. Mr. Lee explained that PCC had two years notice that Whole Foods was coming to the area and tried very hard to survive and made efforts to "ramp up" the Ravenna store. The Whole Foods store is as large as four PCC's put together and thus very hard to compete against. Although in the history of the PCC stores it has often been the case that some PCC's carried a struggling PCC until it was sustainable, in this case the Ravenna store is too much of a financial drag and they are trying to be responsible to the rest of the organization. The question was asked as to whether the PCC headquarters, now housed on Roosevelt, could be moved to this location, and the answer was that the lease on Roosevelt is quite long term, up to 12-15 years in length, and thus moving is not an option at this time. A tablet was handed around for people to sign up to receive updates on news of the property from PCC. A suggestion was made to scale back the store and perhaps share the space with other like-minded tenants. Mr. Lee stated that they would remain open to that possibility and that overall PCC is healthy enough to have some choice in what to do with the property. Mr. Brian Sweeney, a neighbor and head of the Design review board for the neighborhood directly adjoining Ravenna PCC, noted that there is a 4000 square foot limit for a business that might go into this property, and alerted the group to watch for future sales of property surrounding the store site which might indicate an enlargement of the site. Jody suggested that the RBCA board could send a letter to the PCC board asking them to hold a public meeting for the community so that more time could be given to this issue. Jorgen later moved that a letter be written and the motion carried. Jorgen will write the letter.

Aaron Harris presented his reasons for seeking the endorsement of RBCA for the Public Schools Levy and Proposition 2. He explained that the levy is for operations, and that Proposition 2 will not be adding a new tax because the old levy is expiring and this tax would take its place. Terri noted that 60% of the voters have to vote yes for these to be passed. Bob presented a dissenting opinion, suggesting that 40% of the residents in the neighborhood send their children to private schools because the public schools are not adequate and why pay taxes for something that is not working. The board thanked Mr. Harris for coming and presenting his opinion.

Jesse Compeau, a neighbor from Ravenna NE and 80th St, discussed the traffic circles in that area. The immediate neighborhood there held meetings to discuss "daylighting" the traffic circles and triangles by removing the pavement material and doing plantings. The meetings revealed that people were supportive of the plantings but upset about the traffic patterns. Mr. Compeau and his group would like to do a Small and Simple matching grant of $7400, asking the city for $3700. The group already has landscaping designs, and the city will need to approve those plans. Of note, there is actually a Dept. of Circles for Seattle. A motion was made and approved for RBCA, i.e. Donna Pacanovsky, treasurer, to serve as this groups' fiscal agent if necessary.

Jorgen briefed the board on the CUCAC's position regarding the University of Washington's Master Plan. CUCAC gave their support to 9 of 10 priorities that RBCA had submitted to them for consideration with regard to the master plan. Jorgen suggested that a letter be written to Bill Clark thanking him for all his efforts on RBCA's behalf. Jorgen agreed to write this letter.

Larry discussed the latest about Sound Transit. Sound Transit currently is in midst of trying to decide whether to accept 500 million in federal money now, and then propose changes to the design after the fact. If they don't take the money right now, it could be up to six years for the funding cycle to come back around. The city is pushing to keep the tunnel boring machines going rather than to stop and have the greater cost of restarting them at a later date. Larry suggests the board going with a "no-confidence vote" because he doesn't believe they did right by Columbia City and he is concerned that budget problems will force their hand to not do what the Roosevelt neighborhood desires. Bob was in favor of this "no" vote. Jorgen reminded the board that Eileen Farley felt we should continue to go through Cynthia Sullivan with our concerns. He agreed with Terri that RBCA should stay neutral unless the 12th St. station falls through. Beth moved that the board send a letter stating that Sound Transit should not accept the $500 million in federal money - no other words a vote of no confidence. Although this motion was seconded by Bob, the motion did not carry and was voted down. Larry will proceed according to the board's wishes.

Rodger Kohn notified the board that he will attend the University Traffic Study meeting 1/18/01 from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. as RBCA representative. The meeting will be for the neighborhoods of Montlake, the University District, Ravenna-Bryant, and Roosevelt.

Jorgen explained the Laurelhurst Community Council letter requesting ethics standards for the Neighborhoods' Project Review process. The Laurelhurst community is seeking RBCA's endorsement of their letter. Apparently there are 2.4 million in requests and Laurelhurst is seeking standards for the panel. If the standards are just advisory, ethics don't apply. If they are allowed to veto, ethical standards do apply. This would ensure that financial disclosure forms would be presented as well. Jorgen moved that we endorse their letter, Terri seconded, and the motion was carried.

Jorgen mentioned that "neighborhood appreciation cards" are available and can be sent to neighbors, businesses, etc. for appreciation of their contributions, financial or otherwise, to the betterment of the community.

Beth mentioned that she received a thank-you letter from the Calvary Cemetery wall opposition group, thanking us for our contribution toward attorneys' fees. Bob noted that he had heard the Catholic church is saying that the community and city's opposition to the wall is denying them their religious freedom.

Terri Kimball volunteered to be chair for the February meeting.