RBCA Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, January 9, 2002

Chair: Jody Chatalas

In Attendance: Julie Bittner, Michael Bittner, Matt Bowman, Eileen Farley, Barb Holya, Nazila Merati, Beth Meshke, Lynn Perkins, Bill Sherman, Robert Sindelar (Third Place Books), Larry Sinnott, Mary Whitfield

The minutes from December were approved.

The agenda for January's meeting was approved.

The Third Place Company is moving into the old Ravenna PCC space at 20th Ave NE and NE 65th Street (they are purchasing the property). Robert Sindelar, General Manager, was invited and attended the meeting to give a short overview. Third Place Books has been in Lake Forest Park Towne Center for three years. The bookstore sells new and used books and has several eateries, meeting rooms, and a stage. Third Place hopes to open this latest store in late Spring or early Summer. They plan to have a newsstand, cards, journal and used books for purchase. There will be a Honeybear Bakery in the back, with a small seating area, a two-sided fireplace and a small stage. Ron Scher is the owner of both Third Place Books and Elliot Bay Books. There will be minimal renovations inside, cosmetic mostly to the outside. Any events scheduled will be mindful of the scale of the space. With regard to parking there are currently 38 stalls in the lot right now, with a potential to add ten more stalls. The hours of operation will probably be 8 am to 10 p.m. seven days a week, however these are not definitive. They hope to achieve approximately 400 transactions per day to make it a successful operation. Website: www.thirdplacebooks.com

Lynn Perkins, a neighbor, discussed her concern about the noise and pollution caused by airplanes flying over the city. Previously the planes flew over the sound but the FAA changed the approaches to instead be over the city in the late 1980's. She has heard that this was for efficiency reasons. Jody Chatalas suggested that she get in touch with the Seattle Council on Airport Affairs, of which RBCA is a paying member, to see if there is anything she can do to help their pursuit of a resolution (scaa@airplanenoise.org or 206-763-7222). Nazila Merati also recommended calling the Aircraft Noise Hotline at 206-433-5393.

NE 65th Street transportation issues were discussed. John Layzer of Seatran was invited but was unable to attend. Jody received an email stating that there are plans for potential changes to NE 65th St., in particular changing parking restrictions and creating permanent turn lanes at intersections along NE 65th. Larry Sinnott mentioned the possibility of bus-activated lights. The project is in the "scoping" stage only, some wondered if it was premature for comments? Jody will contact Mr. Layzer again and invite him to attend a future meeting with specs and pictorial examples. Other neighbors will also be invited such as Ida Culver House and other affected small businesses.

25th Ave NE was mentioned briefly. A neighbor had questions about left turn lane pockets. Jody will contact that person and invite them to attend a meeting when Mr. Layzer is here.

Beth Meshke brought up Provail. Provail is an organization that wants to sell a housing unit that is close to Children's Hospital. The housing is accommodating to wheelchairs and the current 12-16 tenants would be losing hard-to-find section 8 housing. The only interested buyer so far is Children's Hospital who would like to use it for immune-compromised children and their families. Beth had talked to one of the tenants recently who asked if RBCA could possibly write another letter. Eileen Farley noted that the Albertson's on 40th is closing, and we should wait to find out what will be going into that store space. It was agreed to wait for more information.

Jody Chatalas talked briefly about the Saxe Floral project. Jody had a conversation with Harold Javete and apparently it is financially better for them to start over with the review and permitting process. The project will be a joint venture with Lorig and Associates. The plan is for 67 apartments, 1.57 parking spaces (93 spaces now instead of 63). They intend to break ground in the summer of 2002, and have the project be completed by 2003. Nazila will call the city to find out the project number and to also inform them that we were not notified about the MUP meeting where comments can be given.

Michael Bittner gave a brief report about the most recent CUCAC meeting (City/University Community Advisory Committee) held 1/7/02. The improvements that the University would like to make to the golf driving range have met with resistance by the Laurelhurst neighborhood and the RBCA representative was asked to support their opinion. A re-vote by the committee was subsequently retaken and improvements to the driving range were voted down. There is to be a public comment period from January 17th through February 5th and Michael will provide an update after it has been released on February 17th. The CUCAC meeting also focused on two redwood trees by the front entrance of the hospital. They are going to be raised up because of sidewalk improvements and it is hoped they will survive the process. With regard to the UW Traffic Management Plan, the Roosevelt Neighbors Alliance introduced a letter asking the UW to be very specific about how they are going to manage the addition of 9000 more people on campus. Again, the comment period for this ends February 5th. Matt Bowman asked if Campus Parkway is going to be raised up as has been talked about. Michael stated that he hasn't heard any mention of that happening, except he knows the parkway is not going to be lidded or vacated.

The lighting issues at Sand Point and Magnuson Park were discussed very briefly. Jorgen Bader and Nazila Merati will continue to keep RBCA updated.

Mary Whitfield asked who is our community police unit? She was told to call the NE Precinct. Kathy _______ is a contact there and Eileen Farley has her telephone number. Mary has been concerned about recent car and house break-ins. Bill Sherman volunteered to assist Mary in finding out statistics for break-ins and stolen cars in the community and they will report their findings at a future meeting.

A future board meeting will also have a focus geared toward the recent review of the RBCA bylaws. Terri finally received a copy of Roosevelt's bylaws for interest of comparison. The subcommittee (Terri, Eileen, Jody, Jorgen, and now Michael) will report their suggestions at that time.

The tentative date for the Spring General meeting is April 10th. Barb Holya will check with Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center to verify availability.