RBCA Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, June 13, 2001

Chair: Bob Solomon

In Attendance: Jorgen Bader, Julie Bittner, Michael Bittner, Matt Bowman, Jody Chatalas, Eileen Farley, Terri Kimball, Mary Whitfield, Beth Meshke

Visiting: Lorig Associates, developers of the UW project on 25th, represented by Bayna Dealy

As Donna Pacanovsky was not present a finance report was not given. Jody reminded the board that he is still owed approximately $900 (700 + 200 for labor) for the last newsletter costs.

There was a discussion and a vote taken for the ranking of the North End Neighborhood Projects List. The North End budget is $200,000. In ranking order the board chose: 1088, 1073, 1086, 1201 (the Compeau’s) , and 1087.

Beth discussed SCN (Seattle Community Network) who provide our community e-mail list and web site for free (through volunteers). The SCN is buying new and more powerful PC’s. Beth suggested we give a $100 donation to support their endeavors. The board was in favor and Beth will contact Donna about sending them a check.

The board heard about the University housing project scheduled to be built on 25th Ave NE south of the Silver Cloud Hotel. The project will consist of eight buildings in various styles containing 140 units for approximately 440 single students. It will include parking spaces for 134-140 cars. Entrance to the project's underground parking garage will be on 25th, north of the Speedy Lube driveway. The buildings will surround an inner court that focuses on a pond and trees which are now on the site. There will be hardscape (pavers) in the courtyard and large steps leading down to the pond. The pond will be fenced (to keep children from nearby family student housing from falling in) and the project itself will be isolated from the University family housing now located just behind the Storables store in University Village. The public will have access to this open space. As part of the development the University and University Village have negotiated a corridor open to the public leading from the Burke Gilman to University Village.

Post Meeting Note: The RBCA board (courtesy of Eileen) sent a letter of comment discussing noise (staff will live on site but their phone numbers, particularly for evening should be publicized), parking (if neighbors request a residential parking zone - RPZ - because students are parking in the neighborhood the UW should pay for it), traffic ( please work with SeaTran to minimize danger to pedestrians, bikers and drivers with hodge podge of driveways on that block of 25th), public access (record the promise of public access in the event of questions later) and design guidelines (the design here should conform the University Urban Center guidelines, particularly as to awnings, planting strips and artwork.)

Terri mentioned rumors she has heard about the QFC (now owned by Krogers) on 12th and Roosevelt considering a new site on 15th. She will continue to keep us posted if she hears more about this.

Jorgen presented a letter he prepared encouraging Metro bus route #74 to reinstate their route to the Seattle Center/lower Queen Anne District. The board approved the letter.

Jorgen also will write a letter to DCLU stating his belief that the community was strong-armed with regard to the University Village parking garage project. The draft letter will be done with Laurelhurst’s input. Eileen will also seek feedback from Jim Rymsza, our volunteer neighborhood representative on the Design Review Committee.

The primary topic for July’s meeting will be the upcoming community meeting, Wednesday, September 5th, here at Ravenna Bryant Community Center, hosted by six neighborhood associations including RBCA. This meeting pertains to the upcoming mayoral election. KOMO’s Emily Langley will be moderating. The criteria from the League of Women voters will be used to determine eligibility to participate in the forum, although all candidates will have the opportunity to leave materials for people to pick up. A press release will need to be generated.

Jody mentioned the Rainy Day Center and wondered if RBCA should send a letter to SHA and Access stating our support. The board agreed with this, and Jody will write a letter.

Terri reminded the board that the August meeting will have a focus geared toward the recent review of the RBCA bylaws. The subcommittee (Terri, Eileen, Jody and Jorgen) will report their suggestions at that time.

Mary Whitfield agreed to be the chairperson for July, and Matt Bowman will take August.