Minutes of the November 11, 2000 RBCA Board Meeting

Chair: Jody Chatalas
In Attendance: Jorgen Bader, Julie Bittner, Jody Chatalas, Eileen Farley, Barb Holya, Terri Kimball, Rodger Kohn, Donna Pacanovsky, Deborah Ritter, Bob Solomon, Mary Whitfield

Donna gave the Treasurer's Report: currently there is $3,856.63 in the account, with $235.00 in memberships coming in from the recent community meeting. Barb presented her with several more checks that had arrived in the month's mail. Jody noted that he is still owed $150.00 for newsletter costs. Eileen remembered that Cynthia Sullivan has promised to send RBCA a check for $750.00 for neighborhood projects, so that should be coming in soon. Bob Solomon proposed that RBCA give a $1000 donation to the lawyer assisting the neighbors of Calvary Cemetery in their quest to keep the cemetery from building a wall of crypts. The board had at an earlier meeting voted to support the effort of prohibiting the wall. Jorgen noted that donations of this kind have been given in the past, for instance money was given to pay a lobbyist with regard to the Seahawks football games, and money was given to a previous board member to cover his out of pocket costs while he was donating his time on a neighborhood project. Some felt the amount of $1000 was too much, another felt that no money should be given, and it also was questioned whether if the money were not all spent would it be returned on a prorated basis? It was felt that this effort against the cemetery's unsavory development was probably precedent-setting within the city of Seattle and thus it was important to support it. Later under new business it was moved and approved that $400 could be donated, with the proviso that Bob would determine that the money was indeed still needed, and if so that if it were to be returned that it would be returned on a prorated basis with any other donations.

Deborah Ritter, a neighbor who lives on 25th Ave NE, came to the meeting to ask if RBCA would be willing to allow her to place the RBCA address on leaflets she will be handing out. Deborah is concerned about the speed and amount of traffic on 25th Ave NE. She would like to hand out leaflets along 25th to see there are others who would be interested in forming a committee to work toward solutions. A traffic study completed by the city did show that 85% of the vehicles traveling on 25th NE are going 40 mph. Some new 30 mph speed limit signs have recently been posted, however this is not effective without enforcement. Terri suggested that she set up a meeting date and time at the community center so interested parties would know when and where to come since Deborah is reluctant to give out her home phone number or work email address. Eileen said that she was in favor of putting the information on the RBCA listserve as well. Eileen also suggested called the pedestrian safety person at Seatran, and also recommended that Deborah view University Prep school as a natural ally and contact them. Terri also noted that the North Precinct (police) was in need of a North end representative. It was moved and approved that Deborah could use the RBCA address on her leaflet. In addition, Deborah will draft a letter to the North Precinct commander, outlining her concerns and quoting the traffic study results. She will bring this to the next RBCA meeting for opinions and approval.

The Trans-Lake Washington group is in need of a Community Design Forum representative. Jody will have Jean Amick write up a plea that can be posted to the RBCA listserve to see if someone might be interested in serving as the representative. The workshops are 11/15-16 from 1-5:30 p.m.; with public sessions from 6-8 p.m.

Jorgen asked if the board would approve his writing a letter reiterating our stance opposing legalization of the non-conforming uses ordinance. The board so moved and approved. Jorgen noted that the University Area Transportation Study needs an RBCA representative. The names of Larry Sinnot and Greg Barnes were mentioned, however the letter seeking the representative was somewhat confusing in its message. Jody will call the author of the letter to obtain a clearer understanding of what is involved.

Jorgen brought up the University of Washington Master Plan, and presented a draft page of eight items/opinions for the RBCA board to approve. The board divided the list of eight into an A and B list. Bill Clark, our CUCAC representative, will meet with an RBCA subcommittee consisting of Eileen, Terri, Michael Bittner, and Jorgen. Tuesday, November 21st was the suggested date, however Jorgen will be unable to attend. The subcommittee will be meeting before the December CUCAC meeting, thus Bill will be fully informed of RBCA's opinions. It was moved and approved that Jorgen's comments were acceptable to be shared with Bill Clark.

Mary wondered if anyone had been able to attend a recent meeting about jet noise? It was agreed to put the jet noise issue on the agenda in the future. Eileen attended a meeting regarding University Village and their intended development of a parking garage at the old Miller Pollard site. There is a DCLU meeting on November 29th, Eileen will send out an email regarding that upcoming meeting. The garage will have approximately 684 spaces, and will be 65 feet tall. U. Village is proposing changes to a couple of their entrances as mitigation in order to obtain a variance for the parking garage. One change involves the driveway going into Office Depot and the driveway into U. Village just next to it - they are proposing some way of combining these driveways to decrease confusion and risk of accidents there. Another change is to the intersection by Baskin Robbins and Tully's. They are willing to put in curbs and sidewalks where they are needed, and want to work with the city to adjust the turn lanes in the various directions there. A third proposal is in regard to the entrance just by the Burke Gilman trail and Corry's. They are suggesting sidewalks and curbs, and again adjusting the flow of traffic by adding specific turn lanes from both the north and south directions into the village. University Village claims that they have only contributed approximately 1% to peak hour traffic at noon and at 4 p.m., however the board noted that the peak time has grown considerably. Eileen will bring a draft letter regarding this development to the December RBCA meeting for further discussion.

The next RBCA board meeting will be 7pm December 13, 2000 at the Ravenna-Eckstein Community Center. Eileen will be the chair. Agenda items include UW Master Plan and Univ. Village expansion. Although there may not be time for additional items, e-mail agenda items to FarSeattle@aol.com.