RBCA Meeting Minutes for November 2001

  1. Minutes of last meeting approved
  2. Blakely Crescent Park update not available - Mary W. or Pete Fiddler will be contacted
  3. Saxe Greenhouse and Varsity Inn projects - apartments or condos have slowed with permits not yet applied for
  4. 55th Street Cemetary issue dormant by RSolomon report. RBCA grant used $325 of $400; balance held pending any resumption of this issue
  5. Letter to MPageler Seattle City Council on elections approved
  6. Letter to Univ Area Transp Bd prioritized projects
  7. Discussion was held regarding CUCAK approval of 100 ft high golf fence on driving range along Montlake Blvd. Residents of Ravenna-Bryant near the fence and Laurelhurst opposed this increase in height. RBCA rep authorized to oppose any height increase and do best to oppose issue. Some confusion on instructions led to approval of UW position. Authorized several interested persons including JBader, MBittner, EFarley and JHale (Laurelhurst) to get together and review issue.