RBCA Meeting Minutes for Wednesday, October 10, 2001

Chair: Beth

In Attendance: Jorgen, Jody. Donna, Barb, Patricia, Nazila, Matthew, Eileen

Visiting: Gwyn Townes

1. The board heard from three people who attended the October 9 meeting at the PCC store on 20th Northeast and Northeast 65th. While the meeting was held to discuss a list of seven possible uses for the site developed by the PCC board, a fair number of people at the meeting expressed a strong desire to see either the old store or some variation of it with deli items and some grocery return to the site, and for PCC to retain ownership of the property by leasing it ratherthan selling it. The possible uses for the site developed by the PCC board are listed below. Most involve selling the building and premises - the board said the price is approximately $1.6M. E-mail comments to: kathyb@pccsea.com or mail to 4201 Roosevelt Way NE Seattle WA 98105, or by fax to 206 545-7131.

Options for the Ravenna PCC Store Site:

1. Sell to Pacific Land Design, a professional engineering and design firm which performs pre-construction phase projects related to site considerations. It would move 50 staff to the building, and make substantial design improvements on the interior and exterior, and upgrade landscaping inthe parking lot.

2. Sell to the Elliott Bay Brewery and Pub, which currently owns a restaurant on California Ave in West Seattle. This would be a family oriented restaurant with a microbrewery - beer would be the only alcoholic beverage served, and the menu is 50% vegetarian. They would close by 11 pm.

3. Sell to the Seattle Audubon Society, which would move its office from 35th NE in Wedgwood. They have a mix of paid and volunteer staff. They would run a small retail nature shop on the premises. They would substantially remodel the interior of the building. They would consider including some housing on the premises, but there are no details at this time.

4. Sell the building to Walgreen's developer, Kite Capital, which would remodel the building into a drugstore that would be leased and operated byWalgreen.

5. Sell or enter into a long-term lease with Catapult Community Developers who would use the existing store as a pedestrian-oriented, commercial/retail and live/work space. They would build three stories of condos on the top of the existing building, put cottage housing and green plantings in the parking lot, and a parking garage under the current parking lot. A community land trust would develop, own and operate cottage housing, small street-front commercial/retail, and creative live/work space. The older, brick portion of the PCC building would be saved and expanded to accommodate these new uses. Catapult and the housing group would identify small businesses and families who would participate in the financing and development of the project. Individual units would be owned as commericial and residential condomimiums upon completion of the development. The land trust would retain part of the equity of the property with a goal of keeping the housing affordable beyond the first owner. More information about community land trusts is at Institute for Community Economics. A land trust interested in working with this project is Homestead.

6. Enter a 5-year lease with option to renew with Ron Sher, owner of Third Place Books, and the Honey Bear Bakery. He proposes a used bookstore combined with the Bakery, with community events such as music, but probably not dancing due to lack of space. Ron also owns Elliot Bay Books. This is the only one of the proposals presently being considered by the boardfor a lease. Please send your comments, preferences, concerns, etc. to the PCC Board, as indicated above. Thank you.

After a lively discussion the board agreed that whatever action RBCA supports should not jeopardize the continued viability of PCC and that the use of the site should not have a negative impact on the neighborhood. Beyond that there was not a lot of agreement. The board had heard from Catapult before the meeting and felt this might be an exciting project for the neighborhood. Several members were concerned about the odors from a microbrewery and uneasy with a tavern in such residential corner. While members liked the idea of the bookstore bakery there were concerns about the long-term financial stability of the project. No one liked the drugstore idea.

2. Roosevelt Site Council Report-David Chinn, who retired as the Ballard High School Principal this past year has been hired by the Seattle School District to act as a liaison with the community during theremodel.

3. Sandpoint/Magnuson Community Communication Council: Terri will be the RBCA representative to the council and will keep us posted on developments at the park. Nazila will be the alternate.

4. Saxe Greenhouse and Varsity Inn Projects. Nazila offered to report to the board in November on the status of the projects.

5. Blakeley Crescent Park: Work on the park has run into some problems because of last minute changes in the park/street design required by the city. The board authorized Eileen Farley to send a letter asking the city to work with the Friends of Blakeley Crescent Park to resolve the issues.

6. Treasurer's Report: Donna will report on deposits and overall expense projections at the next meeting. The Board has been told that money given in the past by King County Council member Cynthia Sullivan to assist with mailings will not be included in the next budget.

7. Northeast District Council Report: NEDC Rep. Jorgen Bader asked the board to endorse the position taken by the NEDC on the lighting of school playfields. This simply asks that neighbors be given a chance for meaningful involvement when the District proposes to increase the lighting at school playfields and follow certain guidelines, which take into account the impact on surrounding homes.

8. Gwyn will report on the Rainy Day Center at the next meeting.

Announcements: The Parks Department will have a series of open house on the projects to be funded by the Pro Parks Levy. Projects in north Seattle will be discussed on Monday, October 29, 7-9 p.m. at the Bitter Lake Community Center, 13035 Linden Avenue North. An all city meeting will be held on Friday, October 26, noon to 2 at the Parks Board Room, 100 Dexter Avenue North. For information contact Mareatha Counts, 233-7152 or mareatha.counts@ci.seattle.wa.us or Catherine Anstett at 615-0386 or Catherine.anstett@ci.seattle.wa.us.

9. Chair for November will be Nazila. Mail agenda items to rbca@scn.org