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Map Showing Approximate Ravenna-Bryant Boundaries

According to the RBCA bylaws, which may not be completely accurate, the Ravenna-Bryant Community boundaries are as follows:

This organization shall serve approximately that area of the city of Seattle which is within the following boundaries: 15th Ave. N.E. on the West, southward to N.E. 62nd St., Southeastward along the Northern and Eastern edges of Ravenna Park to N.E. 55th St., Southward along 25th Ave. N.E. to N.E. Blakeley St., Eastward along N.E. Blakeley St. to 37th Ave. N.E., Northeastward along Sand Point Way N.E. to 45th Ave. N.E., Northward to N.E. 65th St, Westward to 35th Ave. N.E., Northward to N.E. 75th St., Westward to 25th Ave. N.E., Northward to N.E. 85th St., Westward to Lake City Way N.E., and Southward to close at 15th Ave. N.E.
This map was created using the City's Geographic Information System (GIS) Dataviewer. Click on the legends to learn more about the information sources for each item.


Ravenna Bryant Boundary


Water Storage/Supply

Urban Center Villages

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