RealPoetik 2005!!

Welcome to the authors and works published in RealPoetik's 1200 strong mailing list. The peripatetic Kirby Olson edited RealPoetik this year where we discovered a wonderful bug in the listserv software which shut us down for several months, and that folks at various lit blogs actually noticed we were down!!

We have a number of plans for RealPoetik this year, including a blog of our own for discussion, comment on the works we're posting, or not posting, or whatever. As soon as gets around to it, anyway. RealPoetikers can speed the process by putting a bug into, and It's a volunteer organization, and experience has shown that squeaky wheels get the grease.

Kirby continues to edit RealPoetik, and I understand he maintains his "no submissions" policy, which is OK as long as he's bringing us all these wonderful known and unknown voices....see author's list. Sal Salasin is probably going to be on the road and/or out of the country for 2006, but maintains contact by email (

But to be brief, the Authors’ list for 2005 can be seen at clicking here

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In addition, you might want to check out We're also offering Sal Salasin's book, Twelve Cautionary Tales, an exclusive RealPoetik Cyber Publication by clicking here.

RealPoetik can be reached at, always happy to receive comments, criticism, pass email along, and we’re always reading. Send us your tired, your piss poor, your cynical, demoralizing, boring, quotidian postmodernist rants. Go ahead. Make our day.

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