Create Special Events & Performances with Northwest Zydeco Cajun

We bring the exciting, infectious music and dance of the bayous of Louisiana to the Northwest through performances, parties and education. Use us for your special events, fundraisers, birthday parties—wherever you want to create a good time for all ages, and listeners and dancers alike! 


Fun Dance Performances, Mardi Gras Dance Lines, and Interaction

Enjoy dance performances and interaction specially tailored to your event. We offer can do a short dance demo or a performance, we can lead everyone in a fun Mardi Gras dance line and games…many options! Contact us to learn more.

Mini-Dance Lessons for Your Event

Move and groove to the Bayou beat easily! A mini-dance lesson is a fun addition to any event, and the perfect lead-in to live Louisiana music. We can help you organize this and ensure that you and your guests can enjoy get-down Zydeco moves, a fast-paced Cajun jig, a slow Cajun Waltz, or the swamp boogie dances of New Orleans.

Entertain your family, friends and co-workers!

From small parties in your home to large events, live Louisiana music events are unique, colorful, and fun, and bring people together like nothing else! We can work with you to create a memorable event, from a small gathering with live music and Mardi Gras beads (of course!) to a large event featuring Mardi Gras dance lines, games, Kings Cake and more.


Have Fun and Keep the Bayou Beat Going...

We do outreach and we enjoy coordinating with:

Contact us at zydeco at scn dot org, or call Laura at 425 747 7975