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CAJUN & ZYDECO, is some of the most exciting and vibrant music in the world, it is deeply rooted in the unique cultures of the Louisiana Bayou.  An important part of American Folk traditions, Cajun and Creole (Zydeco) go back over 150 years”. Megan Romer, Guide, and, Cajun Music and Zydeco ..  Years ago French speaking Cajun and Creole culture intermingled in the isolated Bayous of SW Louisiana developing a style known as “French Music”. Shifting and changing the music altered over the years as it went from fiddle to accordion based in the late 1800’s while Creoles added the rubboard or “fottoir” in the mid 1900’s.  The new instruments provided loud raucous sounds that cut across the porch work parties and noisy dance halls. During and after the World Wars, Cajun and Creole (Zydeco) music became more distinct……

ZYDECO is the “good time bop til you drop music with rock’n numbers that defy the listener not to boogie”, Beverly Zeldin, Rounder Records, liner notes… Zydeco is the most contemporary expression of Black Creole music.. Born in exile of ancient traditions creating new combinations from many musical styles” Lafayette Conventions and Visitors Convention 2012…  First named in the 1940’s, Zydeco developed in the 1960’s via musicians like Clifton Cheniere who drew on Creole roots and modern Rock n Roll and Boo Zoo Chavis’ whose unique French music incorporated many sounds. This is a compelling high energy, unique expression of many styles. With its emphasis on rhythm over melody and driving beat, it is characterized by Rubboard, drums and often piano key accordion. Zydeco emerged from French, Creole and Southern Blues roots combined with African, Caribbean, Rock, Soul and Hip Hop to be played all over the world today.

CAJUN MUSIC is bound by an ancient spirit. Somewhere between interlocked fiddle lines and accordion
 embellishments, in the spaces of silence between the notes, between the ringing tome of the ‘tit fer, the triangle, there is a soulful space where musicians and listeners visit one another. This is the space that holds the emotional legacy of the Cajun culture.
Cajun culture-Todd Mouton… The Cajun sounds are a blend of German, Spanish, Scottish, Irish, Anglo-American, Afro-Caribbean and American Indian influences. The base of western French and French Acadian folk tradition was brought from Nova Scotia in the 1700’s when French speaking settlers were forced to leave their homes traveling down the Eastern Seaboard, some settling in the Bayous of Louisiana. Most noted for their melodic tempos and soulful lyrics, this distinctive music featuring accordion, fiddle and triangle is still sung in French today.

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