Seattle Community Network

What Is Seattle Community Network?

Seattle Community Network ( is a free public-access computer network which went online in 1994. The Seattle Community Network Association (SCNA) is a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization. SCNA operates

For more information please refer to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and SCN Principles, also SCN Policy Statement, and Internet Free Speech.

SCN has been an all-volunteer organization since its inception. Contributions come in all sizes and kinds. Although SCN doesn't charge for its services, the network does cost money to run. Please contact if you'd like to make a contribution.

What's on SCN?

The SCN Community Directory lists a variety of topic categories where we list many local community organizations and other resources. SCN also serves as a host for a variety of "Information Provider" websites that are edited and maintained by the organizations that they represent. Individual SCN Members may list their websites be they hosted on SCN or elsewhere. If you have your own domain name you can use a third party domain forwarding service to associate your domain name with your SCN website URL.

Free Email

SCN maintains several modem lines for use by those who otherwise wouldn't have access to the Internet. Many SCN users do have other ways to connect to the Internet, but are SCN members because they want to support this kind of network.

User registration is free, and includes an Internet e-mail account. With your own account (user ID), you can send and receive e-mail and publish your own personal home page on the Web.

To register for an account, please print out the user registration form, and sign and mail it in to "Seattle Community Network Association, PO Box 15387, Seattle, WA 98115". New registrations typically takes at least a few weeks. Please contact if it takes longer than that.

SCN's terminal emulation modem number is (206) 386-4199. Several public library systems in Western Washington offer text-only Internet gateways through which you can connect to SCN. See SCN Public Access for more information.

Login (telnet) to to see the text-based Freeport interface. This is much different from what you see on the Web. The Freeport interface has entries for terminal settings, file uploads, changing your password and other things that you can't do from the Web.

You may email your questions to SCN's Helpdesk volunteers at or if you are unable to use email you may leave voicemail at (206) 365-4528.

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