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Seattle Community Network
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How to Contribute to the SCN Association

Supporting SCN
Donating Equipment and Services
Volunteering with SCN
Phone Line Sponsorship
Buy a T-Shirt

Supporting SCN
Your SCN account is free of fees. Your account entitles you to e-mail, a personal Web page, dial-up access and other services. You will never be charged for them.

But it is not free of obligation. SCN is supported almost entirely by donations from our users. We expect all SCN users to make some contribution to keep the system running. We operate on a pay-what-you-can basis.

Seattle Community Network continues to operate because of the hard work of our many volunteers. For more information about volunteering, please follow the "Volunteering with SCN" link above.

The easiest way to support us is to become a member of the Seattle Community Network Association (SCNA). Members annually donate at a level that reflects the value that SCN has for them. Since SCNA is a registered 501(c)(3) not-for-profit corporation, your donation is tax-deductible.

Donation/Membership Form (Text Version)
SCNA Membership Levels

Donations can be sent to:
Seattle Community Network Association
PO Box 15387
Seattle, WA 98115

Please make checks payable to SCNA. If you are contributing from outside the United States, please denominate in US dollars. Questions? Send them to

Phone Line Sponsorship
You, your business or organization can support SCN by sponsoring one of our 40 dial-in phone lines. These phone lines are an essential part of our commitment to access to e-mail and the Internet, and represent our largest ongoing cash expense.

You can sponsor a single phone line for $480 per year, or a minimum of six months for $240.

When an SCN user logs in, a message will display acknowledging one of our phone line sponsors. You may choose up to five lines of text that will be displayed. Sponsoring more than one phone line will cause your message to appear more often. Questions? Ask about sponsoring an SCN phone line by sending e-mail to

Benefits to Phone Line Sponsorship

Donating Equipment and Services
If you have equipment or services to donate to the Seattle Community Network Association, please inquire by sending e-mail to

SCNA can't accept contributions of old computers, but the following non-profit programs will accept old computer equipment. These independent organizations aren't affiliated with SCNA.

Computer Giveaway Program
Ti Locke
(206) 443-4860

Computer Bank Charity
(206) 365-4657

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