The Computer Giveaway Project

The Computer Giveaway Project has been part of SCN since 1994. We are an all-volunteer, “virtual” team, working out of our basements and garages on computers donated by individuals and businesses.

Those needing a computer, contact us at Please note that our waiting list is quite long and the wait for a computer can be as long as four to six months. If you need a computer faster, see the good folks at Interconnection. They offer great low-cost computers and if you are low-income or a qualified student, the cost is further reduced.

Donors: we accept working PCs and Macs that will run WinXP or Mac OSX and above. As much as we love antique computers, we can no longer accept them. Contact the good folks at Re-PC or Total Reclaim to find a home and/or recycle older computers.

Thanks for your support!

Contact the Computer Giveway at

For more information about computer recycling see the Take It Back Network . If you have further questions, send e-mail to the SCNA Board of Directors at

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