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SCNA Task Teams and Committees

Help Desk
Help Desk Volunteers are responsible for answering user questions and helping resolve user problems. Send questions by email to or leave a voicemail at (206) 365-4528. Help Desk Volunteers should return email messages and calls within three business days. If you need to escalate a problem to the Help Desk Coordinators you can email them at

Registration volunteers are responsible for creating and modifying personal SCN User and SCN Information-Provider (hosted websites) accounts and maintaining account records. To register for a personal account print and send in via U.S. Mail the SCN User Registration Form. To change the information you have on file with SCNA please send detailed email to including your name, phone number, account ID, original address and changes. You may be contacted to confirm changes. The Registration Coordinator may be contacted via email at

Information Provider (IP) Program
This team is responsible for the creation, maintenance and support of community group and nonprofit Information Provider (hosted website) accounts, and for providing supporting information and assistance about mailing lists and Websites on SCN. Community groups and nonprofit organizations receive additional support, including links on SCN's Community Pages. For more information, see How to Publish Your Information on SCN. If you have relevant questions you may contact the IP-Registration Coordinator via email at . If you have questions about uploading files to your SCN hosted website contact the acting IP-Coordinator.

Volunteer Program
We are an all-volunteer organization. The Volunteer Coordinators team maintains our volunteer workforce, including recruiting, orientation, and placement of new volunteers, also tracking and recognition of existing volunteers. If you are at all interested in volunteering check out Volunteering with SCN or send email to our Volunteer Coordinator at .

Web Group
This team is responsible for the design and maintenance of the SCN website (this does not include SCN hosted websites). Within the Web Group, WebEditors maintain The SCN Community Directory Pages. If you have suggestions for our website you may contact the SCN Webmaster via email at .

Hardware and Software Operations
This team is responsible for the ongoing operation, maintenance, and upgrades of SCN's computer systems. To contact the Ops Coordinator email .

SCNA Board Committees

The Governance Team is responsible for maintaining and enforcing SCN's usage guidelines, Code of Etiquette, and the policies of SCNA. For more information contact .

The Fundraising Team is responsible for creating and sending out appeals for donations, grant applications, coordinating dial-up phone-line sponsorships, and thanking donors and donor recognition. For more information contact .

Responsible for maintaining SCNA's finances, including paying bills, filing tax returns, and creating monthly reports. For more information contact .

Board Development
Responsible for ongoing training of current board members and recruiting new board candidates. For more information contact .

Board Members

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