SCN's Free Services

These services are free because of contributions of time and money from people like you to the Seattle Community Network Association. SCNA is the volunteer-run, donation-funded nonprofit providing SCN. Our vision: Powering our communities with technology.

To learn more about the Seattle Community Network Association, and how you can help, please see the SCN Association's Web site, How to Contribute, and Volunteering with SCN.

For questions about any of SCN's services, e-mail or leave a message at (206) 365-4528.

Free Access and Hosting

E-mail Accounts

Text-based: SCN is one of the few entities left that still provide dialup text-only access to the Internet in the local Seattle calling area. You can reach your SCN account by dialing our modem at (206) 386-4199, or through a telnet or SSH connection to from anywhere around the world. Via these connections, you can use PINE--a text based e-mail program; or our text mailer. Alternately, you can use SCN as a long term e-mail address, and forward your mail to any other e-mail address.

POP Mail: SCN also supports POP mail, over a PPP connection from your ISP, so that you can use Eudora and other popular desktop e-mail programs with your SCN account if you have another ISP. You can use SCN's Web mail to read and send mail from any Web browser anywhere.

To register: please print out, fill out and mail in the SCN account registration form. You should receive your own account user ID and password within 10 - 14 days. To view our system as a non-registered user, login to as "visitor" - no password is required. Logging in as "visitor" allows you to use many of the items on our pages and browse the Web with the Lynx text browser.

Web Sites

Any SCN account holder can create a Web site. To learn more about how, check out the SCN Personal Web Site FAQ. The Web address (URL) for a personal site is

If you would like people to find your pages more easily, you can be listed on our Personal Sites pages.

If you are working with a community organization or effort, we can place a link to your Web site on the pages in our Community subject areas. If your organization doesn't have a Web site and would like a free Web site on SCN, please see How to Publish Your Information on SCN, and submit the online Information Provider form there.

Mailing Lists

Any SCN account holder can create and maintain e-mail mailing lists. A list can be moderated or unmoderated, and open or closed to public subscription. To see the lists currently hosted on SCN and find out more about managing mailing lists, see the SCN Mailing Lists page and the SCN Mailing List FAQ.

Community Information

SCN Community Pages

Our Community pages are organized by topic. Information Provider (IP) web sites hosted on the SCN server are listed with the yellow scnsite.gif icon.

If you know of a resource that we should list, or see something amiss with what we have, please e-mail


Check out the Calendars page for a variety of calendars for activities going on around the community. If you know of other good online calendars, please e-mail the details to

Usenet News

Access the enormous variety of Usenet newsgroups through the Usenet page.



SCNA provides classes for first time users of e-mail, using SCN e-mail accounts. Contact the SCN Education Coordinator or call our help desk at (206) 365-4528 for more information.

Help Desk

Our help desk volunteers answer e-mail and voicemail questions about using SCN. To contact them, send e-mail to or leave a voicemail message at (206) 365-4528 with details about your question and how to call you back.

Help Files

SCN also has an extensive set of help files available through our Web site or by logging in as "visitor" on and from the Freeport menu prompt type "go help". Most questions can be answered by reading through these files, but the help desk is happy to field SCN-related questions if you have difficulty finding answers to them. Just e-mail or leave a message at (206) 365-4528.

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