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Discounts and Offers

Rite Aid Foundation $100 Prescription CareCards Available to Eligible Seniors

The Rite Aid Foundation, a not-for-profit foundation, is partnering with United Way of King County and Senior Services of Seattle/King County to distribute $90,000 of Prescription CareCards to help eligible low-income uninsured seniors pay for their prescription drugs. Each Prescription Care- Card can be used for the purchase of $100 worth of prescription drugs at any of the Rite Aid pharmacies nationwide.

Senior Services will distribute the cards to 900 eligible seniors in King County. To qualify, a low-income senior must be at least 65 years old and not be covered by Medicaid or any state, federal or insurance program that pays for all or part of prescription drugs. A portion of the cards will be distributed on a first come basis each month for the next 9 months.

Those interested in Prescription CareCard can call Senior Information and Assistance at 206-448-3110 or 1-888-4ELDERS (1-888-435-3377).

Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP)

This Energy Assistance Program (LIHEAP) that helps low income households with winter heating bills will again be open for eligible residents of King County this Fall. Benefits depend on the type of heat and other factors . Assistance is available for electric, gas, oil, and other types of home heat. Furnance repair or replacement is also available for eligible homeowners.

Applicants must provide income documentation for the three prior months for all adults from all sources, the fuel bill from the address where they currently live, Social Security cards for all adults, and a rent receipt, lease agreement, or tax/mortgage statement. To be eligible, maximum monthly household income cannot exceed $2,570 for one, $3,360 for two, $4,151 for three or $4,941 for four people.

For more information or to apply for LIHEAP:

  • City of Seattle customers can call 206-296-4841 (Public Health - Seattle & King County) for assistance.
  • If you live outside of Seattle, please call the Appointment Hotline 1-800-348-7144 to schedule an appointment.

Seattle´s New Discount/ID Card for People with Disabilities

Seattle has introduced a new discount/identification card for people with disabilities. The card is called the FLASH card. FLASH stands for Fun Leisure Access Savings and Health. The FLASH card replaces the discount/ID card previously issued to people with disabilities by the City of Seattle Mayor´s Office for Senior Citizens. It is similar to the popular GOLD Card for Healthy Aging issued to people 60 and older. It is designed to be read by people with vision disabilities and is embossed in Braille. Cardholders will receive discounts on services and it can be used at the Seattle Public Library.

Eligibility requirements for the card are the same as for a METRO reduced fare permit for disabled persons and for the City´s Utility Discount Program. To receive the card applicants must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Possess a current Metro ADA Paratransit Card or permanent regional reduced fare permit for disabled persons or
  • Have an obvious physical impairment(s) meeting one or more of the METRO medical criteria or
  • Provide verification of Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Veterans Administration Income or
  • Be legally blind or
  • On life support or
  • Provide certification of disability by a WA State licensed health care practitioner

Please call the Mayor´s Office for Senior Citizens at 206-684-0500 or TTY 206-233-2778 for more information, or:.

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Are You Missing Out On Benefits?

A new Web site, www.benefitscheckup.org, can help seniors, families and caregivers -- including long-distance caregivers -- quickly determine eligibility for nearly 1,000 state and federal programs.

Right now, the benefits maze is so confusing, more than 5 million seniors are missing out on benefits such as food stamps, property tax relief and pharmacy assistance programs, according to the National Council on Aging, which created the site.

To learn which benefits fit your situation, plug basic information on age, income, disability status and other salient facts into an online form. The form is anonymous and all information is confidential. This is a service of the National Council on Aging.

A Money-saving Idea

Thanks to June Richmond

I personally shop at the ORO WHEAT day-old bread stores, which seem to be well spaced through the community you serve. I often find date tags long before expiration, and have never received bread that was not still quality. They carry many brands that are quality- such as Entemmens(I can't spell it, but you know which one I mean). The pastries are pretty fine. (I do not work there, just shop there.)

I save as much as $1 (one dollar) on most loaves, often more on "closeouts". They also have an additional senior discount (10%), plus a punch card that is pretty friendly. You get one punch for each $2 you spend. A full card lets you choose a free item from bread or pastry. Often they are giving out other freebies--such as hamburger or hot dog buns. Nice June

Discounted and Special Offers Available to Seniors

We search the web to bring you every possible resource for you, designed to help you make the right choices in your life - which will lead to improving your standard of living. Here are some valuable resources, no matter what your income level is...

Almost all of these resources can be reached by going to the Internet to learn more. Many others that are not on the web have toll free numbers. (The information was accessed from a variety of sources. We cannot take responsibility if you cannot connect to any of them.

This listing has been randomly accessed, and cover a wide variety of topics. Please look for anything that looks interesting to you. It includes getting free samples of products as well as free information.

 http://www.rtui.com/ These are the folks that bring you the coupons on the back of your register tape at local supermarkets. Their coupons are also available for you to print online.

 Sour Stomach? Call 1-800-994-4711, and ask for a sample of Prelief, a dietary supplement to neutralize acid while you eat. Ask for a sample of this product (ask for a week's supply)

 Skin Conditioner? Call 1-800-443-8604 Ask for a sample of their Biogene Skin Conditioner if it is for a man or woman.

 "Heart Health In A Capsule" - Herbal supplement (5 day supply) Call 1-800-229-3663

 Hand Cleaner - Get a free sample by calling 1-800-610-5907

  Pick A Meal Wheel 0 call 1888-476-8766, Free recipes from Nabisco and Grey Poupon

 Laugher Is The BEST Medicine: Go to http://www.thegeezerbrigade.com

 Fix Your Car For Free: This will open your eyes - http://www.autosafety.org (check on secret warranties you may not be aware of!)

 Online Books - A Treasure Trove of Literary Classics: http://www.gutenberg.org

 Rite Aid - Your Local (?) Drugstore offers: http://www.riteaid.com Look for their Single Checks Rebate and Rite Aid Reward Program or call their toll free number 1-800-748-3243

 ValPak Coupons Online version of the famous ValPak booklets.

 Hearing Aid Assistance: Check with HEAR by calling 1-303-695-7795 (Not a toll free number)

 Help with Health Care Choices: The Agency for Health Care Policy & Research (AHCPR) go to: http://www.ahcpr.gov

 Free Legal Help re: Age Discrimination? try http://www.eeoc.gov

 Helping Your Fellow Seniors? Check out http://www.shepherdcenters.org/

Coupons & Freebies
Found on the Internet

 BestFreeStuffGuide.com Lots of "Freebies" as well as coupons.

 PocketYourDollars.com Check where the best bargains are.

 SeniorDiscounts.com Now over 75,000 discounts for folks over 50!

 TheFreeSite.com This site has more "freebies" in more categories than you could ever imagine.

 DealDude This is a portal to every kind of coupon and promotional offer that you might imagine.

 MyCoupons Lots of coupons, samples, special deals and freebies. You can also subscribe to their newsletter which features additional deals regularly.

 Free Stuff Center Lots of free stuff arranged in a number of categories. They also have a biweekly newsletter which you can receive by email.

 http://www.netmarket.com  Discounts on 1,000,000 products & services

  FREE Grocery coupons! Go here to get coupons that you can print from your printer. They are called WebBucks, and they can earn you real savings, real fast!

 Basket Tree Gift Co.

 Torrid Technologies, Inc.- Try our Retirement Planner '99


We have new Grocery Coupons availible through our partnership with Catalina Marketing. You can get yours at: FREE grocery coupons

Just plug in your zip code to print any (or all) of the "ValPak" coupons for businesses in your neighborhood at: ValPak Coupons

Special Savings for Seniors and People with Disabilities

The Seattle Mayors Office for Senior Citizens maintains an extensive index of businesses that offer discounts to senior citizens and people with disabilities.

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