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Weekly meetings have been conducted during the construction phase of the Soundview project.  Currently, in the spring of 2003, multiple groups are meeting to plan volunteer work parties and the grand opening celebration.  Please email soundv@scn.org with any questions.


5/3/03 and 5/4/03 – Play Equipment Installation Work Parties


4/18/03 – Whitman Middle School Science Students Tree Planting


3/13/03 – Steering Committee Meeting


9/22/02 – Groundbreaking Party in the Park


9/13/02 – Groundbreaking Planning Meeting


9/13/02 – Groundbreaking Planning Meeting/ Walk Through On Site


9/7/02 and 9/8/02 – Olympic Manor Garage Sale Benefit

  • $1,675 was raised for art in the park.  Community members donated reusable items for sale.

8/29/02 – Steering Committee Meeting


7/31/02 – Community Meeting to Review 95% Complete Construction Drawings


6/21/02 – Day of Caring Work Party

  • 40+ volunteers from Soundview Park Project and Ballard Windermere worked side-by-side with employees from the Seattle Parks Dept. to clean up Soundview Park, do some maintenance around the ballfield bathrooms, mulch trees, install a new planting bed and much more. The park got a mini-face lift and spruce up in time for the Summer Parks Program to start.

6/12/02 – Steering Committee Meeting – attended by Steering Committee

  • Set date for Final Public Meeting to review Master Site Plan
    July 31st, 7:00 pm at Our Redeemer's Church
    Make plans available for public review 2 weeks prior

  • Groundbreaking Fun Fest
    Time set 1 pm - 4 pm
    Short program followed by free form activities

  • Day of Caring work party Friday, June 21st with Ballard Windermere

6/4/02 – Steering Committee Meeting – attended by Steering Committee and Dave Ringstrom

  • Review of current site plan and budget
    - Dave to revise bid to allow for volunteer labor where appropriate:Planting of trees, shrubs, etc.
    - Installation of inscribed bricks
    - Discussion of five art tile pillars to be installed, 2 at main entrance, 1 at playscape area, 2 at end of tot swing area
    - Approximately 360 square feet if surface to cover with tiles, how many?
    - Add two independent, separated picnic tables just north of wading pool
    - Sand surface in tot area under spring toys, tug boat
    - Alternate items to be included in alternate bid:
         Older play area - basketball hoop on concrete pad
         Additional seating walls
         Phase in trees rather than adding all at once

5/7/02 – Steering Committee Meeting – attended by Steering Committee.

  • Due to conflict in scheduling with ballfields, change date of Groundbreaking Celebration to Sun., Sept. 22
    Reconfirm date with Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles, guest of honor
    Contact Parks Dept. for extra trash receptacles

  • Get Ready for Summer work party scheduled for 6/21/02, 9 am to 2 pm
    Ballard Windermere crew to work with Soundview Park Project and Seattle Parks Dept. to clean up park for summer programs

  • Update on funding status, still need to raise approx. $50,000

4/20/02 – Olympic Manor Door-To-Door Outreach Campaign

  • 16 participants went door-to-door in Olympic Manor to raise awareness for our project.

4/17/02 – Art Tile Meeting – attended by Art Tile Sub-Committee


4/16/02 – Outreach Mailing Party

  • Completion of bulk mailing project, 4000 pieces

4/15/02 – Outreach Mailing Party

  • Envelope stuffing for bulk mailing with brochure

4/5/02 – Steering Committee Meeting – attended by Steering Committee.

  • Preparation for April 20th door-to-door campaign in Olympic Manor
    Meet at 9:30 am at Deb's house for kickoff
    Preparation for bulk-mailing of Soundview brochure
    Split mailing labels into chunks in prep for stuffing

  • Envelope stuffing party April 12th

  • Brainstorming for Groundbreaking Celebration
    Set date for Sat., Sept. 14th
    Contact publications to get on "what's happening" calendars
    Entertainment: music, children's activities, fire truck
    Food: hot dogs, pizza, refreshments
    Permits: block 90th street?
    Raffle: contact local businesses for prizes to be raffled

  • Garage Sale planned during Olympic Manor annual garage sale
    Sat., Sept. 7th only
    Concessions: bake sale, coffee
    Find location for drop-off and hold prior to sale
    Disposal of leftover items?

  • April 10th - Ballard District Council Meeting

  • April 25th - Review for Large Grant Application

3/21/02 – Steering Committee Meeting – attended by Steering Committee.

  • Update from sub-committees

  • Large Grant application submitted 3/18/02 to Dept of Neighborhoods

  • Outreach flier near completion, please submit final comments

  • Press releases to several publications, possible article on Soundview in Seattle Press

  • Art tile project: recommend that we hire an artist if possible.  Need some direction from architect.

  • Review fund-raising plan Rebecca created for Large Grant Application.

3/13/02 – Landscape Features Workshop - attended by 21 Community Members including the Steering Committee and Dave Ringstrom.

  • Landscape architect presented options for trees and groundcover

  • Trees chosen to be majority in park – 12’ tall: Tulip Tree (Liriodendron tulipifera), Katsura Tree (Cercidiphyllum japonicum)

  • Trees chosen to be signature pieces – 20’ tall (one large, mature tree over play area):  Japanese Pagoda Tree (Sophora japonica), Yoshino Cherry, Empress, Kentucky Coffee Tree, Red Oak

  • Additional discussion regarding lighting.  Agreed to research further options as far as motion vs. timer.  Concern that picnic area is too far removed from parking lot, police won’t investigate if they cannot see into dark picnic area.

  • On the table: possible community project to plant daylilies, tulips, daffodils or some such, under existing conifers, for seasonal color.

3/7/02 – Steering Committee Meeting – attended by Steering Committee.

  • Planning meeting for Landscape Features Workshop

  • Deb – set out signs

  • Dianna – prepare agenda

  • JoAnn – reminder e-mail to everyone

  • Steering Committee to arrive a few minutes early for photo to be used in press releases, etc.

  • Plans for a bulk mailing with labels provided by Jeff Menday for community outreach

2/27/02 – Play Element Workshop - attended by 22 Community Members including the Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom and Andy Sheffer.

  • Group broke into 4 tables of 5 people, cut out pictures of equipment and pasted onto site maps

  • General agreement that swings should be located near large play structure for visibility

  • Items to be included in play area

  • Large play structure

  • Swings for all ages

  • Spring toys for tots

  • Some type of cable swing

  • Galaxy (Spica) equipment for older youths/teens

2/21/02 – Steering Committee Meeting - attended by Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom and Andy Sheffer.

  • Play Equipment Workshop Planning Meeting

  • Meeting to run from 7:00 to 8:45

  • Provide cut-outs of play equipment to choose from, paste to site map

  • Break group into tables of 5-7 people, Steering Committee member at each table

  • Draw groups back together at the end to present ideas

2/13/02 – Steering Committee Meeting - attended by Steering Committee.

  • Status reports from each sub-committee

  • Meeting to plan Play Equipment Workshop set for 2/21/02 @ 10:30 am, Bronwyn’s

  • Get Volunteer Pledge forms filled out for Large Grant application (due 3/1/02 to Dianna)

  • E-mail Update letter to all addresses

  • Mail letter to attendees of 1st and 2nd meetings that did not attend 3rd meeting

  • Review samples of bricks for installation in park, discussion of color

1/31/02 – Steering Committee Meeting - attended by Steering Committee.


1/24/02 – Steering Committee Meeting - attended by Steering Committee and Dave Ringstrom.

  • Debrief on 3rd Public Meeting and Parks CORE Review Meeting of 1/22

  • No skateboard element

  • No picnic shelter (open-air tables only)

  • Lighting – motion sensor

  • No spray play element

  • Move benches to East side of walking path, focus toward play area

  • No pressure treated wood to be used in play area, possibly carcinogenic

  • Steering committee to develop goals for play area with guidelines from Parks Dept.

  • Set dates for two Public Workshops

  • Play Elements Workshop set for 2/27/02, 7:00 pm

  • Landscape Features Workshop set for 3/12/02, 7:00 pm

  • Next play area review with parks 2/6/02

  • Check into Free Trees through Small & Simple Grant with Dept of Neighborhoods.

1/22/02 – Steering Committee Meeting - attended by Bronwyn, Deb Dianna, JoAnn, Rebecca.

  • Discuss next steps, Phase II – Construction Drawings

  • Form Sub-Committees, assign leaders:

  • Volunteers – Deb

  • Fundraising – Dianna & Rebecca, co-chair

  • Marketing/Design – Bronwyn

  • Outreach/PR – Patricia(?)

  • Record-Keeping – JoAnn

  • Vendor/Contractor Management – Rebecca

  • Create update letter to send to all meeting attendees.

1/10/02 – Third Public Meeting - attended by 129 Members of the Community, including the Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom, Andy Sheffer, and Laurie Ames.

  • Dianna Simmonds opened meeting, introduced Steering Committee, addressed circulating rumors:

  • Skateboard park – there will be no skateboard equipment included in final site plan

  • Scope of picnicking – 4 – 6 tables with a possible covering shelter

  • Regrade slope from 90th

  • “Chopping down” old growth trees – all healthy trees will be left in-place.

  • No additional park access to be opened from NW 92nd street end.

  • Laurie Ames of Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods explained roll her office plays in this project.

  • Andy Sheffer of Seattle Parks addressed outstanding issues

  • Trash problem – increase number of receptacles and number of daily trash runs.

  • Speeding/parking problems along NW 90th Street – help neighborhood group connect with Sea Trans, possible traffic slowing devices, additional parking scheme.

  • Ballfield parking – buses redirected to park at Whitman Middle School, which also plans to repave lower parking area.

  • Safety – Illegal activities will decrease with upgrade of park.

  • Dave Ringstrom (Landscape Architect) addressed open concerns from previous public meeting

  • No access into park from NW 92nd Street

  • Crushed surface path along NW property line from stairs to provide barrier-free access

  • Picnic area in proximity to play area, but away from residences, 4 – 6 tables, possibly covered

  • Play equipment to encompass all age ranges, toddlers to youths & teens

  • No skateboarding elements to be included

  • Expansion of landscape area and shrub buffer to SW

  • Modification of steep grades to promote physical safety and visibility

  • Preservation of existing old-growth trees

  • General Public Discussion followed with Kim Kommers (North Beach Elementary PTA President) as mediator

  • Skateboarding vote held, results:  20 – FOR, 47 – AGAINST, 22 – UNSURE, Need More Info.

  • General consensus, community FOR renovation of Soundview park

  • Outstanding concerns

  • Lighting to discourage unwanted nighttime activities

  • Vandalism

  • Parking along NW 92nd and 20th NW.

1/7/02 – Steering Committee Meeting - attended by Steering Committee.

  • Planning meeting for 3rd Public Meeting

12/10/01 - Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom, Andy Sheffer

  • Met first at Soundview Park to walk through and point out re-grading of SW slope, location for possible open-air shelter, path behind tennis courts to connect north stairway to existing path.

  • Adjourned to Jean’s house to go over park schematic and discuss specific points:

  • Re-grading – everyone agrees this needs to happen to some extent to improve visibility, cut back slope from wading pool (dangerous, too steep for children to walk up).  Some dissension regarding extent of re-grading, would we get cost-benefit.  Proposed to include entire re-grade plan on design concept to be presented at 3rd Public Meeting for general discussion.

  • Picnicking – we generally agree that picnicking is an important activity for park users.  Picnicking should occur on the lower level of the park where children can be retrieved easily.  Discussion of adding green space around wading pool and central to play areas.  Benches should also be installed.

  • Picnic Shelter – Still some disagreement within the group whether a shelter is necessary because of the potential for harboring inappropriate after-hours activities.  Look into shelter problems at other parks with new installations.  Size should be 4 – 6 tables. Should be located within easy access of parking area, should include storage area for Summer Parks Program.  Proposed to show shelter on design concept to be presented at 3rd Public Meeting for general discussion.

  • Skateboard area – Play areas we generally agree to include are for toddlers, 2 – 10 yr olds and swings for all.  Not everyone agrees that we should include skate play.  Proposed to remove skateboard area from design and replace with notion of some teen age-appropriate piece of play equipment.

  • Paths – plan to expand paths allowing access for strollers and ADA.  Paths can be constructed from crushed materials that will discourage skate activities, but still allow other wheeled access.

  • Spray Play – Agreed to include some sort of water feature in conjunction with or replacing current wading pool.

  • Parking – Parks believes this is an auxiliary topic to be reviewed separately.

  • Park design concept #4 to be posted on Soundview web site and in park prior to Jan. 10, 2002 meeting.

  • Parks Dept. will help with mass-mailing prior to Jan. 10, 2002 meeting.

  • Next meeting set for Jan. 7, 2002, time and location to be determined.

12/4/01 - Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Steering Committee, Wayne, Carol, Jean, Michelle, Lisa, Dave Ringstrom

  • New members have joined the Steering Committee to give representation of the neighbor groups that live immediately adjacent to Soundview Park.

  • Revisited all concerns expressed at 2nd Public Meeting: parking, safety, noise, etc.

  • Wayne concerned over environmental impact of re-grading slope and impact it may have on neighbors.

  • Jean and Carol support the renovation of the toddler play area but do not want to expand the play experience to include older children.

  • The current Steering Committee has been devoted to creating a play experience to include all age ranges in order to maximize usage of the park.

  • Further discussion needs to be entertained regarding the notion of picnicking (how much and where?), teen use of park, how to mitigate the impact of changes on adjacent neighbors, how to incorporate these new opinions into an acceptable design for the park.

  • Meeting date set for onsite discussion of environmental changes and how this will affect the topography of the park. Immediately following we will adjourn to Jean's home to review schematic of the park with moveable representations of equipment to facilitate the visualization process.

  • Deb and Rebecca will create an outreach letter to keep Public Meeting attendees up-to-date on project progress, to be mailed ASAP.

11/27/01 - 2nd Public Meeting

  • attended by Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom, Andy Sheffer, Community Members

  • 64 + attendees, greater turnout than 1st Public Meeting 

  • 15 minutes were allowed for attendees to approach and review 3 concept alternatives.

  • Discussion of similarities between the three plans

  • Re-grade of the SW slope - to increase play area visibility from street, connect upper and lower portions of park, and provide open, passive lawn area.

  • Open-air shelter for picnicking, etc.

  • Opening of pedestrian access from 92nd street end

  • Opening view sheds into park from 92nd street to improve natural surveillance.

  • Discussion opened to the floor for comments

  • Concern raised about maintenance of park as far as clean-up, trash pickup - Parks will review

  • Neighbors adjacent to park do not want access opened from 92nd street, expressed great concerns with personal safety and that of property, parking issues from ball field overflow.

  • Concerns regarding noise and vandalism increases and inappropriate after-hours park use if a shelter is installed.

  • Concern about opening sight lines along park fence line affecting privacy of adjacent neighbors.

  • Exciting concepts included in park design: Spray Play, climbing mound, skateboard area.

  • Need to keep swings near play area for family visibility of multiple children.

  • Possibility of adding motion-sensor lights to discourage after-hours activity.

  • Need benches around park, specifically near wading pool and skateboard area

  • Open-air shelter should be located centrally in park.

  • Add art in some form to park, sculptures, etc.

  • Vote to include space for Summer Parks Program within shelter so we can be rid of the temporary trailer each summer.

  • Install ball practice wall in tennis court area.

  • Large part of the evening's discussion focused on the issue of opening access from 92nd street and the impact this would have on the adjacent neighbors. Andy Sheffer of Seattle Parks agreed to hold a review of this issue including tonight's input within Parks and make a recommendation for proceeding.  

  • Next Public Meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 10th at 6:30pm.

11/15/01 - Planning Meeting for 2nd Public Meeting

  • attended by Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom

  • Set up room differently to allow for large number of attendees. 

  • 3 design alternatives will be reviewed at this meeting and then discussion to follow. 

  • Have poster size document made with all suggestions from 1st Public Meeting for reference. 

  • Need to specifically address Parking and Access issues since these are "hot" topics. 

  • Dave will look into possibility of expanding current parking lot to accommodate more cars.

11/14/01 - Fund Raising Planning Meeting

  • attended by Steering Committee, Patricia, Lacie

  • Reports on information gathered since last meeting.

  • Mix & Mingle determined to be too labor-intensive for the small amount of money it might raise so dropped from the list.

  • T-shirt pricing reviewed, discussion of colors and sizes to order, price to charge, need more info from manufacturer.

  • Additional fund raising options:
    - Memorial Day or Flag Day, event at park - buy a flag and display it in the park.
    - Lacie Sheldon of Mary Kay has offered to donate her profits from the sale of certain items from Mary Kay catalogs.
    - Ask local businesses to donate raffle items for our spring event in the park.

11/5/01 - Fund Raising Planning Meeting

  • attended by Bronwyn, Dianna, Deb, Jeff, JoAnn, Karen, Kathleen, Patricia, Rebecca, Shelley

  • Discussion of ideas to raise funds

  • Events: Babysitting for Parent's Night Out, Mix & Mingle, Easter Egg Hunt, Fancy dinner or Cocktail Party, Ice cream social, Spaghetti dinner 

  • Sales of t-shirts, coffee mugs, art tiles, bricks, Chinook Book, Memorial trees, benches 

  • Assign people to head individual projects

  • Set next meeting for 11/14/01 at 11:00am

11/1/01 - Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Bronwyn, Deb, Dianna, JoAnn, Karen, Kathleen, Lisa, Rebecca, Shelley

  • Sub-committee updates

  • Review fund raising needs

  • Any new park ideas need to go to Landscape Architect immediately

  • Review First Public Meeting, changes noted for 2nd Meeting

  • Need to form Communication Sub-Committee

  • Fund raising ideas, set next meeting for Fund Raising only on 11/5

10/26/01 - Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Bronwyn, Deb, JoAnn ,Rebecca, Dave Ringstrom

  • Reviewed preliminary design concept of park based on ideas from First Public Meeting

  • Agreed that re-grading the knoll above the play area would create the improved sightlines community is looking for and should be included in all 3 conceptual alternatives.

  • Steering Committee and Seattle Parks to receive 3 concepts on 11/6 in preparation for parks CORE review on 11/20

  • Set date for next meeting of Steering Committee with Landscape Architect on 11/15 in preparation for Second Public Meeting on 11/27.

10/23/01 - First Public Meeting

  • attended by Steering Committee, Dave Ringstrom, Community Members

  • Wonderful Community turnout, nearly 60 people in attendance (more than 60 counting children using the child care service provided)

  • Overview of park project, goals and objectives

  • Laundry list of community ideas

  • Suggestion box and Volunteer Opportunities available

  • Next Public Meeting scheduled for November 27, 2001 at 6:30 pm to review 3 landscape design alternatives that result from all the terrific ideas gleaned from this meeting.

10/18/01 - First Public Meeting Planning

  • attended by Bronwyn, Deb, Dianna, JoAnn , Karen, Kathleen, Nancy, Rebecca, Shelley, Dave Ringstrom

  • Brainstormed ideas to make meeting fun/exciting/energetic

  • Mission for meeting:

  • Gain broad perspective on what community wants for park

  • Everyone should be heard

  • Demonstrate credibility of our team/project

  • Created agenda for meeting, Goals and Objectives with provoking questions

  • Decided what documents we should hand out to everyone

  • Assigned tasks for preparation and night of the meeting

10/9/01 - Web-Site Planning Meeting

  • attended by Bronwyn, Dianna, Deb, JoAnn, Lloyanne, Rebecca, Shelley

  • Brainstormed content, design and links

  • Reviewed web sites for other similar projects and discussed

  • Set realistic goals for design/features based on time/resource/maintenance constraints.

  • Delegated responsibility for submitting content to post on site.

10/3/01 - Seattle Police CPTED Walk-Through and Site Analysis with Landscape Architect and City Gardeners

  • attended by Dianna, Deb, JoAnn, Karen, Rebecca, Shelley, Andy Sheffer, Dave Ringstrom, local neighbors

  • Rick Lindsay of Seattle Police Dept. - Reviewed crime prevention guidelines: use "common sense"

  • Improve site-lines/visibility, use elements to attract people of all age/interest groups

  • Discussed possibilities of moving play area closer to 90th street for visibility

  • Discussed possibility of opening new entrance off of dead-end street, west side of park

  • Look into installing 911 Emergency only phone box

  • City Gardener and Grounds Supervisor brought up issues of landscape maintenance, short/long term.

  • Recommended that trees with a history of disease susceptibility, shedding, etc., be removed.

  • Decided on location of large informational sign to be installed by Seattle Parks.

9/27/01 - First Steering Committee Meeting with Landscape Architect

  • attended by Deb, Dianna, JoAnn, Karen , Kathleen, Rebecca, Shelley, Andy Sheffer (Seattle Parks), Laurie Ames (Seattle Dept of Neighborhoods)

  • Dave Ringstrom of Atelier ps, introduced to all committee members.

  • Set dates for community meetings and Parks Dept CORE reviews.

  • Reviewed project timeline so everyone up-to-speed.

  • Discussed committee's vision for the park.

  • Announced date for CPTED (Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design) park walk-through with Rick Lindsay of Seattle Police

  • Discussed ongoing outreach options (local preschools, other community groups)

  • Agreement to develop web-site.

9/18/01 - 9/20/01 Landscape Architect Interviews and Hiring

  • attended by Deb, Dianna, JoAnn, Kathleen, Rebecca, Andy Sheffer (Seattle Parks)

9/7/01 - Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Deb, Dianna, JoAnn, Kathleen, Rebecca

  • Everyone named top three choices, discussed ratings.

  • Decided to interview 4 rather than 3 candidates

  • Next step: check references and setup interview appointments ASAP.

9/6/01 - Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Deb, Dianna, JoAnn, Kathleen, Rebecca

  • 8 RFQ responses received by deadline, copies distributed to committee members

  • Discussion on how to tackle task of evaluating responses, determined easier to review individually.

  • Reviewed evaluation criteria, decided to pick top 3 candidates for interviews.

8/30/01 - 1st Community Meeting, Our Redeemer's Lutheran Church

  • attended by Steering Committee

  • 26 people attended, larger than expected turnout, representing all age groups/interests

  • Guest Speakers:

    • Laurie Ames, City of Seattle, Department of Neighborhoods

      • Named other local projects completed through Neighborhood matching Funds program: Carkeek Park, Baker Park, Webster Park

      • Matching funds also available for items: free trees, traffic circles, neighborhood art, recording historical stories.

    • Kathleen Galloway, Loyal Heights School Park/Playground Project

      • Advice on planning/organization

      • Perspective on process, working with city offices.

    • Nancy Gruber, Crown Hill Glen Project

      • Shared enthusiasm for our project

    • Andy Sheffer, Seattle Parks Department

      • Project contact with Seattle Parks Dept.

      • Will help with CORE reviews, planning approval, technical info for site, review maintenance issues with equipment and vegetation with appropriate parties.

    • Rebecca Butler, Soundview Park Project, Architect Manager

      • Update on search for landscape architect

  • Q&A session

  • Concerns about fundraising/interest clashes with other similar projects running simultaneously in the community.

  • Coordination concerns from individuals interested in upgrading the adjacent ball-fields.

  • Andy confirmed Parks Dept. installation of an informational sign in Soundview Park.

  • Volunteers agreed to further community outreach by advertising at individual homes during Olympic Manor's community garage sale the weekend of Sept. 8th & 9th.

8/20/01 - 2nd Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Deb, Dianna, Jeff , Karen, Kathleen, Patty, Rebecca, Shelley

  • Discussed communications/public outreach for 1st public meeting scheduled for 8-30-01.

  • Fliers to be distributed by Committee members including to local grocery store information boards.

  • Jeffrey offered $100.00 match for printing costs.

  • Subcommittees were formed as follows: Communications, Fund Raising, Volunteer Coordinator, Public Outreach, Public Events, Equipment Manager/Playscape, Secretary/Treasurer, Architect Manager.

  • RFQ for architects to be advertised in the Daily Journal of Commerce for the next two weeks.

  • Groundswell NW has agreed to be our fiscal sponsor.

  • Committee agrees that our name will be SOUNDVIEW PARK PROJECT.


  • Awarded the Department of Neighborhoods $10,000 Small and Simple Grant.

8/7/01 - 1st Steering Committee Meeting

  • attended by Deb, Dianna, Karen, Kathleen, Rebecca, Shelley

  • Reviewed draft of Request For Qualifications (RFQ) for landscape architects.

  • Reviewed project timeline, decided to condense to 18 months rather than 2.5 years.

  • Reviewed requirements of total project.

  • Discussed similar projects already underway - North Beach and Loyal Heights Elementary Schools' park/playground projects.


  • Submitted Proposal to Department of Neighborhoods for the Small and Simple Grant