June 29, 2001

Dear Council Member Compton:

I am a former CTTAB member and advocate for information policy that is of benefit to all citizenry. To that end I've convened conferences, written editorials and articles, taught classes, presented at conferences, and served on CTTAB.

I am writing to inquire about the fate of a Seattle City Council resolution that was made two or three years ago that seemed to have vanished without a trace.

To the best of my recollection the council directed the Department of Information Services to develop a feasibility study for a municipally owned infrastructure. This direction was apparently ignored for the first year ostensibly due to the "Y2K problem." Ignoring the fact that this was an extremely poor excuse in my opinion, the fact remains that this direction has been entirely unheeded.

Can you fill me -- and the citizens of Seattle -- in on the status of this proposal? Tacoma has implemented a large program in the time that our proposal was gathering dust.

While a project of this magnitude may eventually be shown to be infeasible I am sad to see it shelved with no public input and deliberation. This is much too important to be left to city administrators who, apparently, are opposed to the program.

Information and communication for all citizens are key to a democratic society and Seattle can be, in my opinion, a leader in this area.

Thanks for your consideration in this matter.

-- Doug Schuler