Making Web Pages on SCN


List Your Personal Home Page

If you have a valid SCN e-mail address, we'd be happy to add your home page to our Subscribers (members) section. All of the SCN-hosted pages listed here were added at the subscribers' request. Some of the pages on other systems are here because people advertise them on Usenet in their sig lines and so on, but mostly by request. If you'd like yours added or removed please let us know.

To request that your personal Web page be listed please send an email from your SCN email account to and include the following information:

  1. Your name.

  2. Your SCN e-mail address.

  3. Your page's title.

  4. Your page's URL.

  5. Description.

Unlist Your Home Page

If you don't want your page listed here please notify the SCN Webmaster who will remove the link.

Updated November 29th, 2003