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This just in... The DIAC-97 proceedings are now available on the web. Check them out!

In keeping with the goal of the conference to facilitate multi-way discussion on community space & cyberspace, we are developing a Resource Bank that will be available to participants and other interested people. Participation is absolutely voluntary. If you'd like to be involved in this virtual community, fill in the blanks!

The Community Space and Cyberspace (CS&C) conference is an exciting mix of informative and provocative presentations (including keynote address by Howard Rheingold, author of best-seller The Virtual Community: Homesteading on the Electronic Frontier) and hands-on workshops. We will be discussing the significance of the new communication technology from the stand point of children, education, the economy and jobs, social action, and civic and cultural values.

What's the reality? - What's the hype?
What Will Computer Networking Do For Us and To Us?

Will new forms of cyberspace media usher in a new egalitarian age or will the distance between economic haves and have-nots grow ever larger? Perhaps - and this may be the likeliest - cyberspace will just carry on business as usual and nothing much will actually change shape as a result.

Visionaries, hucksters, social critics, politicians, and cyber-pundits of all stripes - both amateur and professional - have been very generous with their theories and prognostications on what computer-mediated communication will mean for children, families, neighborhoods, civic life, and society.

Please join the discussion on March 1st and 2nd!

University of Washington HUB Auditorium, 9:00 am - 5:00 pm.
Click for a map of the UW north central campus - the HUB is found at coordinates O-10,
or a map of the HUB itself.

Co-Sponsors & Supporters

We are currently seeking co-sponsors and supporters. Co-sponsoring organizations will be able to register for the CS&C conference at the CPSR rate.

There will be no charge to co-sponsoring organizations but we expect co-sponsoring organizations to help publicize the conference to their members through their newsletters, press releases, and links to our web site. We will also include links to supporters and co-sponsors. Please contact Doug Schuler via email or by telephone (206-634-0752) to become a co-sponsor.

Supporters are those individuals, organizations, or companies that have contributed financially or in-kind to the CS&C conference or the benefit. If you or the organization or company you represent would like to be listed or linked as a supporter, please contact Doug Schuler via email or by telephone (206-634-0752). Thanks for your support!

CPSR Benefit

The CPSR Benefit on the evening of March 1st, 7-10pm, at the fabulous Speakeasy Internet Cafe in Seattle's Belltown neighborhood. We will be featuring high-tech demonstrations and computer art -- as well as delicious delectables and piquant potables. We are planning to charge $25 per person but additional donations are greatly appreciated. The funds we raise here will be used to further the CPSR program including work on privacy, civil liberties in cyberspace, community networks, and other areas.

The Community Space and Cyberspace Conference is sponsored by Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility and is part of the Directions and Implications of Advanced Computing (DIAC) conference series. DIAC-87, the first such conference was held 10 years ago, also in Seattle.

We would like to thank the Morino Institute for their generous support.

United Airlines is the official airline for the conference. Discounted tickets may be arranged by calling the United Meeting Reservations Center at 1/800/521-4041 from 7:00am to midnight EST, seven days a week. Mention meeting ID code 508HZ.

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