Part of the exhibit of old telephones

The Tacoma Telephone Pioneer Museum

Sponsered by the Tacoma Combined Club, the museum is located in downtown Tacoma up the hill on 9th avenue.
757 Fawcett Ave So. Tacoma, WA 98402
Telephone w/recorder 253 627 2996
Hours 8AM - 12 Noon on Thursdays
Please allow at least 1 hour for a tour of the museum

The idea for a Tacoma Telephone Pioneer Museum began over 60 years ago, when those Pioneers began collecting items still in use. Many of these such as test equipment, tools, telephone sets, and a wire chiefs desk are now on display.

This museum actually started in the fall of 1991, when AT&T provided about 1100 sq. ft. of floor space on the first floor of the AT&T office building at 757 Fawcett Ave. in Tacoma. The museum now contains a variety of exhibits, including: <

  • Vintage telephones, many crank type old sets both foreign and domestic.
  • The first cordless telephone from the Seattle Worlds Fair held in 1961.
  • A wire chiefs desk from the 1920's
  • A working 701A step by step PBX . It was donated by AT&T in The Dalles Ore. We dismantled it and brought it to the museum and now is in good working condition.
  • Several old teletype machines and related equipment all in working condition.
  • A multitude of old pictures of employee groups, telephone buildings, old time construction projects etc., all displayed on page type panels.
  • Many old type manual switchboards, a long distance operators board from the old Tacoma office, several old manual PBX boards including two local battery drop signal models.
  • Toll test boards, a Morse board, and a primary board they are equipped with a working Morse telegraph key and sounder. Two of our docents still are able to use the code.
  • Old telephone and pioneer records, old telephone directories some from the turn of the century.
  • A sound power telephone display from the cable laying barge.
  • A working crossbar dial system
    12 Outside plant cables, tools, equipment and much more.
  • Two phone booths equipped with lights and telephone sets.
  • A display of electronic tubes that were manufactured by the Western Electric Co.

A portion of the Tacoma switchboard, a 3C.

In 1995 AT&T allotted us about 800 additional square feet adjoining the original museum. We now have about 2000 square feet of space. We have had tours by teachers, students, Pioneers as well as others from the telephone industry.

Presently our hours are from 8AM until 12PM on Thursdays. Arrangements can be made for groups on other days There is no admission charge but we gratefully accept donations.

Portion of a toll test board

This museum is sponsered by the Tacoma Council, Washington Chapter 30, TelecomPioneers. The Pioneers that primarily maintain the museum are Wes Pomeroy, Art Pavey, Bob Annon, Judi Bambini, Peggy Buehler and Jerry Pischel. Combined we have had about 200 years experience in the telephone industry.

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Please send any comments or questions concerning the Tacoma Pioneer Museum to Bob Annon or call Bob at 253-845-9194.

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