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Tweeters Birding Email List

Welcome to Tweeters,
Northwest birders email list serving the
University of Washington, Washington State, and the Cascadia region
as a public service and scientific research tool. More ...

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(Updated April 2, 2015)

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[Burke Museum Logo] The Burke Museum of Natural History and Culture | University of Washington, Seattle. Oldest museum in the state, founded 1885

[Belted Kingfisher] Slater Museum of Natural History / Biodiversity Resources / Birds | University of Puget Sound, Tacoma. Museum founded 1930.

Logo] BirdWeb | Seattle Audubon's guide to the birds of Washington.

[small raven
drawing] Washington Ornithological Society (WOS) | Chartered 1988 to increase knowledge of the birds of Washington and to enhance communication among all persons interested in those birds.

[Flying Egret] Audubon Chapters in Washington State | Links to websites of the 26 local chapters

[small Cormorant] Seattle Audubon Society | For birds and the natural environment, since 1916

[WA Birder Logo] Washington Birder | Resource for birding exploration and bird distribution in the state's 39 counties

[Seabird] Westport Seabirds | Offshore birding trips since 1966

[small Egret drawing] Great Washington State Birding Trail | Seven loops covering the state, with hundreds of birding sites

[Backyard Logo] Backyard Wildlife Sanctuary Program | Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

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[Bobolink] Inland Northwest Birders | Email list for northern Idaho and eastern Washington

[Mountain Bluebird Logo] | Resource for birds and birding in Idaho

[OFO Logo] Oregon Birding Association | Birds and birding in Oregon, founded 1980

[Snowy Owl] Oregon Birders On Line (OBOL) | Email list for Oregon

[BCFO Logo] British Columbia Field Ornithologists | Founded 1991 to promote study and enjoyment of wild birds in British Columbia

[Society Logo] Nature Vancouver | Appreciation and study of nature in Greater Vancouver, British Columbia. Founded 1918 as Vancouver Natural History Society.

[Steller's Jay] Birding in British Columbia | Kevin Slagboom

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Logo] BirdNote | Radio shows about birds and the environment.

[Cornell Banner] Cornell Lab of Ornithology | Information on birds, birding, and conservation issues. Opportunities to participate in eBird and other online citizen science projects.

[Owl drawing] The MAIN Web Birding Site | Jack Siler's Birdingonthe.Net with links to most birding groups. There are also hypertext, indexed daily email digests from 75+ different birding groups. This is a good place to read birding email from any group you don't have the time to subscribe to.

[BirdChat Logo] BirdChat | Email from the largest birding listserv, BirdChat.

[Globe] Bird Links to the World | 3000+ links (Denis Lepage)

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