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The Campaign of Conscience Peace Pledge: Statement by Western Washington Fellowship of Reconciliation Organizer, Mike Yarrow, on impending war against Iraq, December 6, 2001, and a new campaign to prevent such an escalation with new updates! (web posted May 21, 2002) and 2,500 signatures (updated June 20, 2002)

Talking Points on Iraq Sanctions also available as pdf file for Adobe Acrobat

Background on Iraq Sanctions also available as pdf file for Adobe Acrobat

speak out now against a new U.S. war against Iraq; call the President, 202-456-1111 or Congress People via the Congressional Switchboard, 202-224-3121, see new campaign, see sample letters to the editor and politicians.

recommended reading: Iraq: The Hostage Nation by von Sponeck and Halliday, two courageous former heads of the United Nations' Oil-for-Food program in Iraq speak out against the sanctions.

These Iraqi children are swimming in water that has come from the sewage system without being treated. These are the true victims of U.S. sanctions policy.


At the WWFOR Spring Assembly in Seattle on May 19, 2001 the primary need identified was the need to continue self-education. We need to be experts when we talk to others. Our ability to convince is literally a life or death issue. Actions that were discussed are continued pressure on Washington State Representatives and Senators to re-evaluate U.S. policy. H.R. 742 is a current House resolution to supposedly provide the people of Iraq with access to food and medicine. Currently there are 24 co-sponsors to this bill one of whom, Jim McDermott, is from Washington State. While there are problems with this bill it is a good talking point. We need to bring pressure especially on Reps. Brian Baird and Jay Inslee. We also discussed developing a mail in program possibly sending bottles of pure water to Congress and the President. The possibility of developing a card-board cut-out in the shape of a bottle was discussed to get around the problems of mailing bottles of water.

Kristine Swenson, Brian Mack and Larry Kerschner plan to hold a public fast in Seattle from August 3-12, 2001. They were all members of Voices in the Wilderness delegations to Iraq. The fast will start in front of the Seattle Federal Building with gatherings there every day at noon:

August 3 - 12, 2001, Solidarity Fast led by Kristine Swenson, Larry Kerschner and Brian Mack, each of whom has traveled to Iraq to witness the suffering caused by the continuing economic sanctions, protesting 11 years of economic sanctions against the people of Iraq. They are inviting people to fast with them "for ten days, a day, a meal..." and are inviting individuals, groups and churches to sponsor and support them. They are looking for more suggestions and for support so that this effort will make more of our neighbors and friends aware of the severity of the situation in Iraq, daily 15-minute prayer services at noon, at Federal Building, 2nd & Marion, downtown Seattle; info Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq http://www.endiraqsanctions.org or ccpi@scn.org or info Kristine Swenson 206-525-3670 or swen@seattleu.edu

Modern transportation in a country that was first world prior to the Gulf War

Contact persons:

Terry Morrison 20416 Richmond Beach Seattle WA 98177 (206) 542-2802

Al Kammerzell 2912 S. Melrose Tacoma WA 98405 (253) 272-9572

Gus Fromuth 1933 Parkwood Dr. S.E. Olympia WA 98501 (360) 867-1731

Larry Kerschner POB 397 Pe Ell WA 98572 (360) 291-3946 kerschnerl@steckmedical.com

WWFOR office, Mike Yarrow, Organizer,
225 North 70th St.
Seattle, WA 98103
Phone: 206-789-5565
Fax: same as above, but please phone first.

THE SEND PURE WATER PROJECT (currently suspended)

A Call to Action from the Campaign of Conscience, June 8, 2001


Link to Citizens Concerned for the People of Iraq, working to end the economic sanctions against Iraq. A web page with lots of links and resources




See also NATIONAL FOR's web site on Iraq

written by Larry Kerschner kerschnerl@steckmedical.com with updates by Jean Buskin

updated June 20, 2002, web pages posted by Jean Buskin, bb369@scn.org

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