Fall 1996 Northwest Zydeco Newsletter Articles:

Are You On Our Special Events Mailing List?

Did you know that you can add, update, or delete your name and address to/from our zydeco special events mailing list by leaving a message on our Hotline? You can receive free flyers in the mail describing the latest local zydeco dance special events!

You might ask, how do we ensure your privacy on our mailing list? Our The Northwest Zydeco Board of Directors keeps all information on our mailing list confidential, except under certain very specific conditions. On a case-by-case basis, we decide whether or not to allow the use of our list by other organizations promoting local zydeco events of interest to dancers. We also apply the following rules to each request for using our mailing list:

These understandings allow us to respect the privacy of those on our mailing list. We regularly update the list to reflect the current wishes of the recipients.

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