Sample of Meeting Agenda
Prepared by Keith Gormèzano

                    		Seattle Animal Control Commission

1.	Call to order	                                   (Chairperson Gormezano)      7:30 p.m.
2.	Roll Call (sign-up sheet)	                   (Secretary Kanouff)	        7:31 p.m.
3.	Adoption of Agenda	                           (Kanouff)	                7:32 p.m.
4.	Presentation of Awards to former Commissioners     (Gormezano)	                7:34 p.m.
5.	Report from Division of Animal Control		   (Dave Hewitt)		7:40 p.m.
	a. Statistics Report on Spay and Neuter Clinic
	b. Scoop Law enforcement
	c. Number of new licenses
	d. Number of citations issued
	e. Animal noise violation reports from Seattle Police Department
	f. Summer Canvass Program
	g. Division of Animal Control Budget
	h. Save the Animal Fund
	i. Productivity Report on individual field Animal Control Officers
	j. Other
6.	Adoption of Prior Month's Minutes (enclosed with agenda)			8:00 p.m.
7.	Report from Commission Officers and action taken on items			8:01 p.m.
	a. Chairperson Gormezano
		1. Resignation of Doreen King
		2. Letter to Ned Dunn (Mayor's Office) on (filling) vacancies
		   (3 pet owners and 2 non-pet owners)
		3. Letter to Seattle Aquarium on proposed capture of cetaceans
		4. Seattle Weekly advertisement
		5. News releases for 5 new ethnic minority/elderly/West Seattle,
		   Central District, Southeast, or Ballard area Commissioners
		6. Other
	b. Vice-Chair Dr. John Kelly, DVM						8:08 p.m.
		1. Carnation Company
		2. Other
	c. Secretary Kanouff								8:10 p.m.
		1. Other
	a. Lease law conflict (8' city-wide vs. 4' in parks)	    (Kanouff)		8:11 p.m.
	b. Ordinance Amendments (finish)			    (Kanouff)		8:13 p.m.
	c. Parks sign language and design (9/9 meeting)		    (Jan Silver)	8:25 p.m.
	d. Responsible Pet Ownership Week (shall we do it again?)   (?)			8:27 p.m.
	e. Change in by-laws regarding election of officers	    (Gormezano)		8:35 p.m.
	f. Video production (marketing) report			    (Kelly)		8:45 p.m.
	g. Speaker's Bureau status report			    (Rosemary Weise)	8:55 p.m.
	h. Flyers for insertion into license renewals		    (Gormezano)		9:10 p.m.
	i. Other
9.	NEW BUSINESS									9:14 p.m.
	a. Ron Honsinger (closed session)			    (Gormezano)		
	b. Collective Bargining Agreement			    (Gormezano)		
10.	Announcements									9:28 p.m.
11.	Adjournment									9:30 p.m.
			    (Meeting was actually adjourned at 9:35 p.m.)


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