From Adbusters Whole Brain Catalog, summer 2010:

"The Future Will Judge Us As Either Heroes Or Fools"

We hear daily diagnoses on the state of the planet from scientists, like doctors reading the body of the Earth - our collective body. Our temperature is set to rise by 2 degrees Celsius at least in the coming years, our ice caps are predicted to melt within 35 years, our glaciers sooner. Our sea levels are rising as a result, our weather patterns are changing unpredictably, and that's just a small fraction of our physical symptoms. There is nowhere to escape, and there is no guarantee that humans - and many other species - will survive. We are confronted by the fact that the Earth has limits, that we cannot continue to consume with no concern for the health of the whole ecosystem.
The changes to our ecosystems may come sooner than we predict. We are told we have a small window of time within which to act: 10 years at most; after that, things will take their own course and we will just have to adapt to the changes as best we can.
oil-soaked in GulfThose are the physical symptoms. What of our psychological state? Hilary Prentice writes:
"Is the human species suicidal? Apparently so - engaging in behavior that is destructive to everything on which it depends, but apparently in serious denial of this.....Unresolved dependency needs? Absolutely! We act as though we are not totally dependent on these others, as though we can afford to abuse everything....of which our world is made. We seem to have an overwhelming narcissism, such that all other species and elements of the world appear to be there to please and gratify our every whim."

Mary-Jane Rust
Excerpt from her 2007 lecture titled "Climate on the Couch"


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