The Spalding Enigma: The Fallacy of Repetition Continued?


(Note: The Rigdon portion of this time-line is quoted in the Spalding Enigma, as adapted from Shook, op.cit. pp.138-144, who in turn derived most of his information from Smith, Joseph III and Smith, Heman C., History of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, Vol. I, 1805-1835, (Lamoni, Iowa: Board of Publication of the RLDS Church, 1897), pp.146-151. New or corrected information is identified by a "#" before date and in cases where logical assumptions are made, the reasoning is given.

Sidney Rigdon

Joseph Smith

1805Dec. 23 Born at Sharon, Windsor County, Vermont. (HJS p.46)
1808Mar. 13 Moved to Tunbridge Vermont some time previous to this date. (HJS p.46)
1810Mar. 13 Moved to Royalton Vermont some time previous to this date. (HJS p.46)
1811 Moved to Lebanon, New Hampshire. (HJS p. 51)
1812 Joseph suffers from Typhus fever, fever sore in his chest, leg pain and surgury. (HJS pp. 54-58)
Went with his uncle Jesse Smith to Salem (HJS p.58)
c.1813 Move to Norwitch Vermont
1816Summer. Moved to Palmyra, Ontario County, New York. (HJS p.61)
1818Spring. Settled with his family on 100 acres of land at Manchester, Ontario County, New York. Joseph Sr., Hyrum, and Alvin cleared 30 acres for cultivation. (HJS p.64; also HoC p.2)
1820Winter/Spring. Religious revivals, young Joseph prays to know which Church is true, receives first vision, tells vision to Methodist preacher, the preacher reacts with contempt, and "excites the public mind against him." (HJS pp. 68-7, see also HoC,V1, pp. 3-8)
Winter/Spring. Assassination attempt on young Joseph's life. (HJS p. 68)
Interim. Young Joseph labors with his father, pursuing his "common vocation in life. He is tempted, commits "foolish errors" and "weaknesses of youth", and levity--though not any great or malignant sins. (HJS p.74 and HoC p.8)
1822January. Sidney Rigdon becomes pastor of Pittsburgh's First Baptist church.
May. SR in Auburn, Ohio, where he preaches funeral sermon for Isaac Butts' brother (q.v. statement of I. Butts [Mar 1885] in Apndx.I.)
1823Jun 28. Sidney sells his share of the Rigdon family farm in St.Clair Twp. (100 acres) to James Means for about $1200.
Jul 11. Troubles begin w/ministry at First Baptist. (vanW,p.31)
Sep 5-7 Meeting of Redstone Baptist Assn. in Pgh. (minutes)
1823Sep. 21. Throughout evening and into the early morning, visitations from Angel Moroni, informing Joseph of a book deposited in hill, written on gold plates, that gives an account of the former inhabitants of this continent, and which contains the fulness of the gospel. Many scriptures were quoted. (HJS pp. 74-78, see also HoC,V1,pp. 10-14)
Joseph tells his father about the visitations, then he visits the place where the plates were buried--the Hill Cumorah, near Manchester township, Ontario County, New York. That night he tells his family what had occured. (HJS pp. 79-81, see also HoC,V1,pp.15-16)
In the evening, Joseph again relates the experience to his family. Charges family to tell no one. However, some time later Joseph Sr. confided in Martin Harris, who in turn let the word out.(HJS pp.81-82,114)
1823Oct 06 (Monday) Probable departure date for trip (by horse w/Alex Campbell) to Washington, Mason Co. Ky., to attend Campbell-McCalla debate. (300 mi. & river too low to take steamboat: See van Wagoner, p.33.)
Oct 11 (Saturday) Condemned and excluded from First Baptist Church of Pittsburgh by adroit maneuvering of minority faction. Rigdon out of town & on way to Kentucky at time. See above.
Oct 15-21 (Wed. thru Tue.) Campbell-McCalla Debate on "Christian Baptism." "Bishop Sidney Rigdon of Pittsburgh" takes notes. (vanW,p.33)
Oct 22 (Wed.) Probable departure date for return trip.
Oct 31 (Fri.) Probable return to Pittsburgh. Rigdon discovers he is now without a church.
Interim. Joseph would often receive instruction from the Lord, and during the evenings he would tell his family. Occassionally he would "describe the ancient inhabitants of this continent, their dress, mode of traveling, and the animals upon which they rode; their cities, their buildings, with every particular; their mode of warfare; and also their religious worship." (HJS pp. 82-84)
1823Nov 02 (Sun.) Rigdon preaches to followers in rented room at the local court house.c. November 1823. A man attempted to effect a union of different Churches in the neighborhood. Joseph tells his mother that there is no injury in joining the Churchs. (HJS p. 90)
1824Jan. On petition of Mary, widow of James Ferguson, formerly of Allegheny County, but lately of Louisville, KY, deceased, the Orphans Court of Allegheny Co. appoints Rev. Sidney Rigdon to be the guardian of one David Ferguson, a minor.
May 04 Rigdon writes preface (at Pgh) to the published version of Campbell-McCalla Debate proceedings.
spring Rigdon & followers join Walter Scott's New Lights Presbyterian group, soon to become part of the growing Campbellite reform movement.
summer? Rigdon claims to have worked as a journeyman tanner (in Pittsburgh) in partnership with his brother-in-law William Brooks. Uses money from his inheritance to buy share of business. (See entry for 25 Oct 1825.)
Aug SR makes known his "determination to withdraw from the (Baptist) church." (vanW,p.29)
Interim--because of Joseph's father's limited worldly circumstances, he was forced to find employment both at home and abroad. (HoC,V.1, p.16)
1824??? Birth (prior to Nov.) of daughter Phoebe Sarah, or possibly twins Phoebe and Sarah.Sep. 22. Joseph visits the location of the plates, but he could not obtain them because of his pecuniary thoughts. He tells father of experience. (HJS pp.84-85)
1825Jan 05 Rigdon votes in Pittsburgh election-- see Chapt.VII, n#53.
1825Oct 25 Notice of dissolution of the partnership of Brooks and Rigdon appears in the Allegheny Democrat (Pittsburgh): "Payment by those indebted to be made to Sidney Rigdon at the old stand." Notice is dated 21 September 1825.
Nov 11 On petition of Sidney Rigdon, the Orphans Court of Allegheny Co. discharges him from guardianship of David Ferguson.
October 1825-- A short time before the house was completed, Josiah Stoal (or Stowell), in company with Joseph Knight (both of Colesville, New York), while purchasing grain, heard that Joseph possessed means to descern invisible things to the natural eye, and attempted to hire young Joseph to help in dig a silver mine in Chenango County. After failing to desuade Stoal, Joseph later agrees, and he worked with Stoal for only about a month on the mine. (HJS pp.91-92, and HoC,V.1,p.16)
1826Spring Rigdon & family move to northeastern Ohio area, where SR begins a SIX-MONTH (mid-April thru Fall mid-October) tour as a circuit riding preacher. Rigdon reportedly preaches once a month at Mantua Center "on a more or less regular basis," apparently on the last weekend of each month (see entry for 27 Jan. 1827, below).
Apr 04 Rigdon opens credit account at Kent family's mercantile in Bainbridge, Geauga Co.-- see letter of A.G. Kent in Appendix A: 1878.
Apr 30 Probably at Mantua Center (see 27 Jan. 1827).
May 28. Probably at Mantua Center. NOTE: It is likely, although not confirmed, that Rigdon, along with Alexander Campbell, Walter Scott and Adamson Bentley, attended "a meeting of sundry teachers of the christian religion and brethren" held in Warren, Ohio on 31 May and 1 June 1825, during which "the greater part of two days was occupied in discussing the ancient order of things." (See Christian Baptist II, pg.169.)
Jun 25, Jul 30 Probably at Mantua Center.
(Gap of about three weeks; perhaps more.)
Aug 24 Preaches funeral of Rev. Warner Goodell in Mentor, about 18 mi. north of Bainbridge. (Note: Other sources erroneously give the date of Goodell's death/funeral as having been in June, 1826-- see n#10, Ch.VI) Rigdon probably returns home to Bainbridge after the funeral, prior to commencing his journey to Canfield (see below).
Aug 25 Continues travel to Canfield, Ohio (home of Rev. Walter Scott-- about 50 miles/12 hours). Probably arrives in evening.
Aug 25-27 Meeting of the Mahoning Baptist Assn. at David Hays' barn, Canfield, Ohio. Campbell spoke Sat. Aug. 26, & Rigdon on Sun. (27th) at Congregational meeting house, subj: John 16. (vanW. p.42)
(Gap of possibly 61 days. At some point during this period, but "in the fall" [i.e. after 21 Sept.] he is offered Rev. Goodell's former pastorate at Mentor, which he accepts. His first documented presence there is for a wedding on 2 Nov., for which see below.)
Oct 28 Probably at Mantua Center.
Oct 29 Probably at Mentor, considering impending wedding on 2nd Nov.
Nov 02 Marriage of John G. Smith & Julia Giles at Mentor (Thursday).
Nov 05 Probably at Mentor, based on presence there for wedding (above).
(Gap of about three weeks.)
Nov 25 Probably at Mantua Center.
Nov 26 Probably at Mentor.
Interim--Boards a short time with Isaac Hale, and became acquanted with Emma. He works on and off for Mr. Stoal and amd Mr. Knight. (HJS p.92, and HoC,V.1,p.17)
1826Dec 10 Probably at Mentor based on presence there to record marriage (below).
Dec 13 Above marriage recorded (Wednesday).
Dec 17 Probably at Mentor based upon above date.
Dec 24 Probably preaches at Mentor (Christmas).
Dec 30 Probably at Mantua Center. See Jan. 27.
Dec 31 Probably at Mentor.
Dec 25. Prior to this date, Joseph returns to home after working with Stoal, and shortly thereafter Stoal and Joseph Knight visit Palmyra and purchase some wheat from the Smith's (to be delivered the next fall), which the Smiths use to as security against the last payment on their house. (HJS p.92)
Interim--Joseph leaves for Colesville with his father in order to secure payment from Stoal and Knight for wheat they had contracted. Underhanded attempt by Stoddard to obtain Smith property. Joseph and his father return. Deed ended up in the hands of Mr. Durfee. (HJS p.99) pp.93-99)
1827Jan 18 Joseph Marries Emma Hale at the house of Squire Tarbill of South Bainbridge, Chenango county, New York. Immediately after the marriage, he returns with Emma to his fathers place in Manchester. (HJS p.93. and HoC,V.1,p.17)
1827Jan 27 Rigdon's "regular, once-a-month, preaching" at Mantua Center, Ohio, leads to formal organization of a church there on this day (see Shaw, Henry K., Buckeye Disciples). Rigdon becomes "their stated, though not constant, minister" (Hayden, p.238).
Jan 28 Probably at Mentor based on above.
Feb 03 Probably at Mantua Center. See above.
Feb Funeral of Hannah Tanner, Chester, Ohio.
(Gap of a month or more.)
Mar Held meeting at Mentor, Ohio. Baptizes Nancy M. Stafford.
Mar 17 Last entry for Rigdon family in account legers of Kent family mercantile, indicating probable date of their removal to new residence at Mentor, 30 miles north. (See letter of A.G. Kent, Appendix I.)
Apr Held meeting at Mentor, Ohio. Baptizes William Dunson & wife.
(Gap of approximately a month-and-a-half.)
Jun 05 Marriage of Theron Freeman & Eliz. Waterman at Mentor (Tuesday).
Jun 07 Above marriage recorded (Thursday).
Jun 10 Probably at Mentor based on above presence.
Jun 15 Baptized Thomas Clapp at Mentor (Friday)
(Gap of possibly 17 days: Rigdon likely out of town based on "letters remaining" list published on July 6th-- see below.)
Jul 03 Marriage of James Gray (of Pittsburgh) and Mary Kerr (of Mentor), at Mentor (Tuesday).
Jul 04 Delivers 4th of July oration at Mentor.
Jul 06 A list of letters remaining at Mentor P.O. includes Sidney Rigdon. List published in Painesville Telegraph, issue of 6 Jul. 1827, covers period up to Jun. 30.
Jul 12 Marriage of Gray and Kerr recorded (Thursday).
Jul 15 Probably at Mentor based on presence there on July 12 (above).
Jul 17 Silas Engles, R & J Pattersons' printer, dies in Pittsburgh at the age of 45.
Jul 19 Marriage of Alden Snow & Ruth Parker at Kirtland (Thursday).
Jul 22 Probably at Mentor based on above presence for wedding.
(Gap of 18 days. Rigdon likely out of town due to tardiness in recording above marriage. See below.)
Aug 10 Above marriage recorded (Friday).
Aug 12 Probably at Mentor due to above presence.
Aug 19 Likely at Mentor due to impending trip.
Aug 20-22 Travel to New Lisbon, Ohio (about 85 miles).
Aug 23-26 At annual mtg. of Mahoning Baptist Assn. at New Lisbon, Ohio.
Aug 27-29 Return travel to Mentor.
Sep 12-13 Attends meeting of Grand River Baptist Assn. w/Orris Clapp and B. Blish at Ashtabula.
Interim--Joseph passes by Hill Cumorah and is visited by an angel who tells him that he is to obtain the plates the following September. (HJS p.101)
1827(Gap of 25 days. Note that Ashtabula is one day's travel along road to New York. If Rigdon is going to be present in New York when Smith receives the plates on September 22, this is a good beginning, since departure from Ashtabula on the 14th gets him to Manchester, NY, several days ahead of that date. And if he tarries a week, he still gets back to Mentor in plenty of time for the October 9th marriage.)Sep 20 Stoal and Knight visit the Smiths for several days. (HJS p.102)
Sep 22 Joseph receives gold plates as promised, and he secures them in an old birch about 3 miles from his home. He shows his mother the Urim and Thummim. Considers getting a box made. (HJS p.104,108, and HoC,V.1,p.17)
Sep 24 Joseph works on a well for Mr. Warner in Macedon. (HJS p.104)
Sep 25 Joseph returns to Palmyra because of incident with Willard Chase et. al. wanting to steal the plates. Joseph retrieves the plates from their hiding place, and he is attacked by some men on his way home. (HJS pp.104-110)
1827Oct 09 Marriage of Stephen Sherman and Wealthy Mathews at Mentor (Tuesday).
Oct 18-19 Travel to Warren, Ohio (about 50 miles).
Oct 20-21 At Ministerial Council, Warren, Ohio. (Sat.- Sun.)
Oct c22-23 Probable return travel from Warren, although possibly later due to wedding of Oct. 9 not recorded until Oct. 27.
Oct 27 Marriage of Sherman and Matthews recorded (on Saturday?).
Oct 28 (Sun.) probably at Mentor due to above presence.
(Gap of 18 days.)
Nov 16-17 (Thu.-Fri.) Travel to New Lisbon, Columbiana Co.
Nov 18-?? Holds a series of meetings at New Lisbon, about 80 miles SE of Mentor, during which 17 persons were immersed. [Ref: Whitsett, W.H., Origin of The Disciples of Christ, (Louisville: Baptist Book Concern, 1891),p.99.] Allowing 4 days for travel (round trip), he was possibly gone 2-3 weeks.
Interim--Joseph works on his father's farm. Show his mother the breastplate. Secures the Record under a hearth. Scares off mob. Takes record to a cooper's shop and puts it in some flax in the loft. Mob ransacks house under the direction of the Chases. (HJS pp.111-114)
Interim--Joseph requests that his mother tell Martin Harris about his having obtained the plates. She did so reluctantly, and through the course of several hassles with Mrs. Harris, the incident was put to an end with Joseph's intended acceptance of a note for $28. (ibid. pp.114-117)
1827Dec 06 Marriage of Alvin Wait and Sophia Gunn at Kirtland (Thursday).
Dec 09 Probably at Mentor based on above presence.
Dec 12 Above marriage recorded (Wednesday).
Dec 13 Marriage of Cottrell and Olds at Concord Twp., Ohio, near Painesville (Thursday).
(Gap of 21 days. Probably out of town due to tardiness in recording above wedding.)
December. Because of rising persecution, Joseph and Emma were forced to seek refuge at her father's place in Harmony, Pennsylvania. Emma's brother, Alvin, upon hearing of their circumstances, arrived in Manchester to assist with the move. Martin Harris gave Joseph $50 to help cover the cost of the trip. (ibid. pp.118, and HoC,V.1. p.19)
December. Prior to leaving, a mob of about 50 men, visited Dr. McIntyre with the plan to follow Joseph and steal the "Gold Bible." He rejected the plan, and a quarrel broke out that put an end to the affair. (ibid. p.119)
December. Upon their arrival at Harmony, Joseph commences copying characters from the plates, and with the Urim and Thummim, he translated some. (HoC,V.1, p.19)
1828#Jan 04-05 Attends Grand River Bible Society meeting at Painesville.
#Jan 06 Probably at Mentor (Sunday).
Jan 08 Records marriage of Cottrell & Olds (Tues).
(Gap of 36 days.)
1828Feb 14 (Thursday) Marriage of Herrington and Corning at Mentor.
#Feb 17 Probably at Mentor based on above presence.
February 1828 Martin harris visits Joseph in Harmony, and then takes copies of the characters to Professor Anton. In the interim, Mrs. Harris concocts a scheme to get copies of the characters and to see the plates herself. But, her scheme was foiled, and she ended up "doing all in her power to injure Joseph" throughout the Harmony neighborhood, claiming that he was a "great imposter" who had "seduced" her husband. (ibid., and HJS pp.121-122)
1828#Mar Visits Walter Scott at Warren, Ohio. (Hayden, p.192.) for about one week. Returns to Mentor w/ Rev. A. Bentley. (ltr fr Bentley to W. Scott dated 22 Jan. 1841 recalling event, as does Campbell in 1844, but both w/erroneous dates.)
#Mar H.H. Luse assists Rigdon in moving a load of household goods from Deacon Brooks' (Rigdon's father-in-law) house in Warren to Rigdon's new brick house in Mentor. This probably took place during return trip from the above event. (See Luse to Deming, 13 Oct 1887, in Deming, p.7.)
Mar Instructed theological class at Mentor.
#Mar 30 Probably at Mentor based on presence there on 31st.
Mar 31 Marriage of Herrington and Corning recorded (Monday).
Interim--Harris returns to Harmony and relates the Anton story, and then proceeds to his home in Palmyra. (ibid.)
1828Apr Conducted revival (w/ Bentley) at Kirtland, Ohio.
#Winter- The "Christian Baptist" (Vol.V, p.263) reports Spring that "Bishops Scott, Rigdon and Bentley in Ohio within the last six months (i.e. 1 Nov 1827-1 May 1828) have immersed about 800 people."
Apr 18. Harris again joins Joseph in Harmony, and acts as scribe while Joseph translates. In the mean time, Mrs. Harris went about Palmyra telling "grievances, and declaring that Joseph Smith was practicing a deception upon the people, which was about to strip her of all that she possessed". (ibid, and HJS p.123)
1828May Met Alexander Campbell at Shalersville and held "protracted meetings."
Jun Baptized H.H. Clapp at Mentor, Ohio.
(Gap of two months or more.)
Jun 14. Harris takes 116 to show his wife, father, mother, brother, and his wife's sister. He eventually loses the manuscript. (HoC,V.1, p.20, and HJS pp.124-125,128,130-132)
Jun 15. Joseph first child is born, but dies after only a short time. June or July 1828 In his distress Joseph decides to visit his family at Manchester, New York. While in transit, he was so overcome with grief regarding the death of his child, the near fatal health of his wife, and his concerns about giving the manuscript to Harris, that a stranger was moved with compassion to help Joseph over the four miles from the stag to his parents home. (HJS pp.125-128)
June or July. Martin Harris informs Joseph about the lost manuscripts. Joseph returns home to Harmony the following day. (HoC,V.1,p.20, HJS pp.125-128)
1828#Aug 27-28 Travel to Warren (about 50 miles).
#Aug 29-31 At Mahoning Association, Warren, Ohio (Friday-Sunday).
July. Joseph receives a revelation at Harmony, and the plates were taken from him and returned in a few days. (ibid. p.22, D&C 3, and HJS pp. 133-135)
Summer 1828 Joseph receives another revelation at Harmony. (ibid. p.23, D&C 10, HJS p.136)
1828#Sep c.02-03 Possible return trip to Mentor.
Sep 07 Marriage of Luther Dille and Clarissa Kent at Mentor (Sunday).
#Sep 10-11? Grand River Baptist Assn. votes to withdraw fellowship from Painesville & Mentor Church.
Sep 18 Marriage of Nachor Corning & Phoebe Wilson at Mentor (Thursday).
(Gap of 23 days. Probably out of town due to tardiness in recording above two marriages-- see Oct. 13th, below.)
#Oct 12 Probably in Mentor (Sunday) due to presence on Oct. 13th.
Oct 13 Above two marriages recorded (Monday).
(Gap of 79 days)
Interim Joseph does not commence translating, but works on his own farm in Harmony which he purchased from his wife's father. (ibid. p.28)
1829 Jan 01 Marriage of Churchill and Fosdick at Concord Twp., Ohio, near Painesville (Thursday).
(Gap of 30 days.)
1829Feb 01 Marriage of Root and Tuttle at Mentor (Sun.).
Feb 12 Above two marriages recorded (Thursday).
#Feb 15 Possibly at Mentor due to above presence there.
February. Joseph's Parents visit him at Harmony. (HJS. p.133)
February. Joseph receives a revelation at Harmony. (HoC,V.1,p.28, and D&C 4)
1829Mar Holds protracted (3-day) meeting at Mentor.
#Mar Meets P.P. Pratt near Amhurst, Loraine Co., Ohio. (History of the Church, I,pg.119; Pratt, Autobiography, pg.31.)
Mar. Joseph receives a revelation at Harmony. (ibid., and D&C 5)
1829#Apr 02? Meeting at Kirtland, Ohio. (NOTE: Although recorded in other sources [Smith, Shook] as April 12, such a date is clearly impossible in light of the following. The most reasonable assumption, therefore, is that "12" is a typographical error and that the correct date should be April 2.)
#Apr 03 (Friday): Travels to Mantua Center, aprox. 30 mi 1829 #Apr 04 Preaches at Mantua Center, Ohio. (See entries for Jun 25, 1826 & Jan 27, 1827.)
#Apr 05 (Sunday): Travels to Canfield, Ohio, (aprox. 40 mi.) to home of fellow Campbellite Rev. Walter Scott.
#Apr 06-11 Rigdon & Scott travel to East Liverpool, Ohio, and from there to Cincinnati via river boat. Alex. Campbell probably joins them on boat at Weirton, Va. (today W.V.) about 20 miles down-river.
#Apr 13-21 Debate between Robert Owen (communal society advocate) and Alexander Campbell, on "Evidences of Christianity," at Cincinnati, Ohio. (See Brodie, p.105, Campbell's Memoirs, p.268, van Wagoner, p.50.)
#Apr 22-29? Return trip to Mentor, probably via same route.
Apr 5. Oliver Cowdery arrives at Joseph's house in Harmony. (ibid. p. 31)
Apr 7. Joseph commences translation of Book of Mormon with Oliver acting as scribe. (ibid.)
Apr. Joseph receives several revelations at Harmony. (ibid. p.33-38, and D&C 6-9)
1829May Lyman Wight hears Rigdon preach & is baptized.May 15. Joseph and Oliver recieved Aaronic priesthood from John the Baptist, and the two baptised each other. (ibid. pp. 39-44, D&C 13)
Samuel Smith (Joseph's younger brother) visits Joseph at Harmony, shortly followed by a visit from Hyrum Smith (Joseph's older brother) and David Whitmer. Joseph receives a revelation at Harmony. (ibid. pp.44-45, and D&C 11)
Joseph Knight brings provision from Colesville to Harmony for Joseph Smith and his wife. Joseph receives a revelation. (ibid. p.47, and D&C 12)
Towards the end of May, it is believed that Joseph and Oliver recieved the Melchizedic priesthood from Peter, James, and John. (Larry C. Porter, "The Restoration of The Priesthood," Religious Studies Center Newsletter, Volume 9, No. 3, May 1995)
1829#Jun Summer revivals conducted (sometimes independently and sometimes in concert) by Rigdon, M.S. Clapp, William Collins & others in the north-central Ohio area. Churches were begun by Rigdon in Birmingham, Erie Co., Elyria, Lorain Co., and Hamden, Geuaga Co. Dates are largely uncertain due to the absence of church records for these times (for which see Hayden, p.459).
#Jun Held three day meeting at Mentor (or Chardon) w/Wm. Collins & A. Bentley.
Jun. In the beginning of the month David Whitmer brought a two-horse wagon to Harmony so as to transport Joseph and Oliver to his father's home in Fayette, New York. These men were given free room and board until they completed the translation.
Joseph receives several revelation at Fayette. And, the Eleven Witnesses beheld the gold plates. (ibid.pp.48-51, 62, D&C 14-18, and Introduction to the Book of Mormon--Testimony of the Three Witnesses and the Eight Witnesses respectively)
1829Jul 01 Organized church (group) at Perry, Ohio, (Weds.)
(Gap of about one month)
#Aug 07 Official founding of church at Perry, Ohio. Rigdon present (Friday).
Aug Baptized Mrs. Lyman Wight.
Aug 13 Marriage of John Strong & Ann Eliza More at Kirtland (Thursday).
#Aug 16 Probably at Mentor due to presence in area for wedding on 13th (above).
#Aug 26-27 Probable travel to Warren (about 50 miles).
#Aug 28-30 Annual meeting of Mahoning Baptist Assn. at Warren, Ohio. More than 1,000 assemble, incl. Rigdon (Friday-Sunday).
Joseph is visited at Fayette by numeruous inquirers, many having the intent to confound Joseph. (ibid. p.59)
Aug. Joseph leaves Fayette for Palmyra so as to secure a copyright for the Book of Mormon, and to obtain a contract with E. B. Grandin to print 5000 copies at a cost of $3000. (ibid. p.71)
Aug. Joseph returns home to Harmony, Pennsylvania. However, he was forced to return to Palmyra to stop Squire Cole from printing the Book of Mormon in his paper, and to calm the fears of E. B. Grandin about his receiving payment for his printing services. (ibid. p.75 footnote)
1829#Sep c.01-02 Possible return travel from Warren?
#Sep 11-13? Holds (three day) meeting at Mentor. Jesse J. Moss baptized.
Sep 14 Marriage of Strong and More recorded (Monday). Marriage of Darwin Atwater and Harriet Clapp.
#Sep 27 Possibly at Mentor due to presence in area (See below).
#Sep 30 Probable travel to Perry (about 15 miles).
Oct 01 Marriage of Joel Roberts & Relief Bates, Perry, Ohio (Thursday).
Oct #01-05 At Perry, Ohio. Preaches Sun., Oct. 4th.
#Oct 06 Probable return travel to Mentor.
Oct 07 Above two marriages recorded (Wednesday).
1829 #Autumn: ) Mission to Elyria in Loraine Co. & on to Huron probably re- ) Co. (within 75 miles of Mentor) with Orson mainder of ) Hyde. (See Barron, H.H., Orson Hyde biog., pg. Oct. thru mid) 21. NOTE: Hyde boarded w/ Rigdon during most Nov. follow- ) of year 1829. See also Page, John E.,pp.9-10. spring harvest ) Barron notes "they baptized many people & or while weather) organized several branches of the church before still warm. ) returning to Mentor that same fall," pg.21.)
Nov Holds meeting at Waite Hill, Ohio (a few miles west of Mentor on road from Elyria).
(Gap of at least one month, possibly more.)
Dec 31 Marriage of Chandler and Johnson, Chagrin, Ohio, about 15 mi. south of Mentor (Thursday).
Fall and Winter. Printing of Book of Mormon under way.
1830#Jan 03 Probably at Mentor based on presence in area for above wedding.
#Jan 10 Probably at Mentor based on presence there on 12th.
Jan 12 Above marriage recorded (Tuesday).
#Feb Convinces Lyman Wight and Isaac Morley to begin communal settlement experiment on Morley's farm near Kirtland. (van Wagoner, p.50)
1830Mar At Mentor, Ohio.
(MAJOR GAP of 2 1/2 to 3 months.)
Mar. Joseph receives a revelation at Manchester, New York. (ibid. pp.72-74, and D&C 19)
Mar. At the end of this month, the publication of the Book of Mormon was complete, and copies went on sale.
Apr. Joseph receives a revelation (likely at Manchester, New York). (ibid. pp.64-70, and D&C 20)
Apr 6. Joseph organizes the Church at Peter Whitmer's home in Fayette, New York. Joseph receives a revelation. (ibid. pp.74-79, and D&C 21)
Apr. Joseph recieves several revelations at Manchester, New York. (ibid. pp.79-80, D&C 22 and 23)
Apr. 11. Joseph at Sunday meet at the Whitmers in Fayette. (ibid. p.81)
Apr. Joseph visits the Knight family in Colesville and casts the devil out of Newel Knight. He returned to Fayette shortly thereafter. (ibid. pp.81-84)
May. During the last week of this month, Newel Knight visited Joseph at Fayette, and was baptised by David Whitmer. (ibid)
Jun 9. The first conference of the Church was held at the Whitmers in Fayette. Immediately afterwards Joseph traveled to his home in Harmony with Oliver Cowdery, John and David Whitmer. (ibid. p.86)
Jun 11. The first conference of the Church was held at the Whitmers in Fayette. Immediately afterwards Joseph traveled to his home in Harmony with Oliver Cowdery, John and David Whitmer. (ibid. p.86)
Jun 12. A dam is erected to enable baptisms, but during the night it was torn down by a mob (likely comprised of Presbyterians concerned about losing some of their flock, such as Cyrus McMaster, Dr. Boyington, and Mr. Benton). (ibid. pp.86,98)
Jun 13. Joseph attends Sunday meeting with the Colesville members (as well as some of the mob who tore down the dam), at which Oliver Cowdery preached. That evening Emily Coburn (sister-in-law of Newel Knight) was taken by Rev. Shearer (or Sherer), a Presbyterian, under Power of Attorney to her father's house. (ibid. pp.86-87)
Jun 14. The dam was repaired early in the morning, and the baptisms proceeded (including Emma Smith and Sally Knight). Joseph and others were later followed by an angery mob of about 50 people (again, likely from the Presbyterian congregation), from Joseph Knight's to Newel Knights. Joseph was arrested for "being disorderly" and taken to trial at South Bainbridge, New York. The warrant for his arrest was sworn to by Mr. Benton, a Presbyterian. (ibid. p. 88-89,97,101)
Jun 15. Court commenced, and Joseph was represented by James Davidson and John Reid, Esquires (hired by Joseph Knight), and the prosecution was represented by two Presbyterians, Mr. Seymour and Mr. Burch. Joseph was later acquitted, though immediately arrested and taken to Colesville for trial. (ibid. p.89-91)
Jun 16. Joseph is brought before the magistrate in Colesville, and he was later acquitted. He then excaped the angered mob, and fleed to his sister-in-laws house where he met up with his wife. (ibid. p.91-96)
Jun 17. Joseph arrives at his home in Harmony along with his wife. (ibid.)
1830#Jun 19-21 (Sat-Mon) "A happy three days' meeting of disciples" in Mentor. (See F.W. Emmons' "Journal of a Traveler" in Millennial Harbinger, VIII, No.1 [2 Aug. 1830], pg.390.) See end note:(50)
#Jun 22-26 In Mentor. (ibid., pp.390-91)
#Jun 27 (Sun) Preaches 1 3/4 hr. in AM (from John XV) and baptizes two. (ibid. pp.391-92.)
Jun 19. Sally Knight has a dream that Joseph would visit her this day. The dreamed was fulfilled several hours later when Joseph and Oliver arrived at Colesville from Harmony, with the intent of confirming those who had been baptized on the 14th. However, a mob had gathered, and these two men excaped, and were forced to travel all night back home, where they remained for the rest of the month.(ibid. p.97)
Jun. Joseph receives a revelation at Harmony. (ibid. p.98-101, and PGP Moses 1:1-42)
Jun to October. In conjuction with Joseph's efforts to translate the Bible, he recorded several extract that now comprise the Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price. (PGP Moses 2-6)
1830#Jul Holds meeting at Pleasant Valley, Darby Twp., Madison Co., Ohio, possibly at invitation of his cousin Thomas Rigdon, also a Campbellite Baptist preacher, who lived in nearby Mount Vernon, Knox Co. (about 30 mi. NE of Darby Twp.) and through which Rigdon would have to pass on his way. Rigdon is said to have baptized 45 people at this event. Pleasant Valley is a few miles W of Columbus and about 165-175 mi. SW of Mentor (depending on route taken). Given time for round-trip travel, plus two or three weeks for revivals, this trip probably took up the entire month. This leaves room for a--
(Gap of perhaps three weeks, more or less.)
July. Joseph receives several revelations at Harmony (likely during the first half of the month). Joseph begins to compile the revelations he has received thus far. (HoC,V.1, pp.101-104, and D&C 24-26)
July. Oliver Cowdery (likely during the later half of the month, and in company with John and David Whitmer) traveled from Harmony to the Whitmer home in Fayette, New York, where he began to arrange and copy the revelations. He later corresponded with Joseph in Harmony about what he thought to be an error in one of the revelations. Joseph wrote immediately back requesting to know the authority by which Oliver made this claim. Joseph then returned to Harmony, likely in the company of John Whitmer. (ibid. pp.104-105)
1830#Aug c.26 Parley Parker Pratt is sent to New York "on a mission." (Hist. of the Church [RLDS], I, pg.139.) He steps off a canal boat, is directed to the Smith home, and is converted shortly thereafter. He is baptized by Cowdery at Fayette on 1 Sept.
#Aug 25-26 Travel to Austintown (about 60 miles).
#Aug 27-29 Meets Alexander Campbell at Austintown, Ohio at the final meeting of the Mahoning Association. Rigdon preaches Sat. Aug. 28th. (Rigdon dissociates himself from Campbell and his brethren following this meeting.)
#Aug 30-31 Probable return travel.
Aug. Early in the month Joseph and Emma are visited at Harmony by Newel Knight and his wife (Sally), with the intent of confirming Sally (and Emma) subsequent to her (their) baptisms in June. Joseph went to procure wine for the sacrament, and received and wrote down a portion of revelation (first four verses)--the remainder of the revelation was written down in September at Fayette, New York. (ibid. pp.106-108, D&C 27)
Interim--A Methodist minister told falsehoods "of the most shameful nature", and turned Emma's family against Joseph. (ibid. p.108)
Aug 29. Joseph, in company with John and David Whitmer visited the Church at Colesville (Joseph had originally intended to go on the 21st or 22nd, but was unable). Their prayers to God (that He would protect them from the mob) were answered. (ibid. pp.108-109)
Aug 30. Joseph and the Whitmers return to Harmony. (ibid. p.109)
Aug 31. Because of the growing persecution in Harmony, Newel Knight arrives from Colesville with a wagon, and proceeded to move Joseph and his family to the Whitmers at Fayette, New York. (ibid. p.109)
1830(Gap of 51 days.)Sep. Soon after arriving at Fayette, Joseph learned of desception in which Hiram Page allegedly received "revelations" through a certain stone. This causes the prophet immense grief. (ibid. pp.109-110)
Sep. Soon after arriving at Fayette, Joseph learned of desception in which Hiram Page allegedly received "revelations" through a certain stone. This causes the prophet immense grief. (ibid. pp.109-110)
Sep 26. Joseph holds Conference at Fayette. The Conference continues for three days. (ibid. pp.115,118)
Sep. Joseph receives several revelations at Fayette. (ibid. pp.116-118, D&C 30-31)
1830#Oct 22 Preaches at the Town House in Ashtabula (Fri.) (See vanW. p.55, citing Ashtabula Journal of 16 October 1830.)Oct. Joseph receives several revelations at Fayette--including the one charging Parley Pratt to visit the lamanites. (ibid. pp.118-127, D&C 32-33)
1830#Nov c.01 Cowdery & P. Pratt arrive at Rigdon home w/copy of Book of Mormon. (Note: vanW., p.58, puts this date at 28 October.)
#Nov c.02 Visits Orris Clapp's residence and talks about Book of Mormon.
Nov 04 Marriage of Louis B. Wood & Laura Cleveland at Mentor (Thursday).
#Nov 07 Confesses his conviction (to his Mentor congregation) that the Book of Mormon was possibly "the truth."
Nov 11 Above marriage recorded (Thursday).
Nov 13 (Probable date) Rigdon addresses congregation of friends & neighbors at Methodist hall in Kirtland & tearfully asks forgiveness of any whom he may have formerly offended. Said his soul had suddenly found peace in Book of Mormon.
Nov 14 Rigdon is baptized into Mormon faith by Oliver Cowdery (in A.M.). His friend Lyman Wight baptized same day (Sunday).
Nov. During the forepart of this month, Joseph received a revelation at Fayette regarding Orson Pratt. (ibid. p.127-128, D&C 34)
1830Dec. Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge travel from Ohio to meet Joseph (for the first time) at Fayette, New York. Joseph received several revelations regarding them. (ibid. pp.128-131, D&C 35-36)November and December 1830 In conjuction with Joseph's efforts to translate the Bible, he recorded at Fayette several extract that now comprise the Book of Moses in the Pearl of Great Price. (ibid. pp.131-139PGP Moses 6-7)
December 1830 Joseph receives a revelation at Fayette regarding the gathering of the Church to Ohio. (ibid. pp.139, D&C 37)
1831Rigdon at Fayette and vicinity.Jan 2. Joseph holds Conference for the Church at Fayette, New York, where he received a revelation. (ibid. pp.140-, D&C 38)
Jan. Not long after the Conference Joseph receives a revelation at Fayette regarding James Covill. Mr. Covill rejected the word of the Lord, which prompted another revelation. (ibid. pp.143-145, D&C 39-40)
Jan. During the later part of this month Joseph and his wife, in company with Sidney Rigdon and Edward Partridge, moved to Kirtland, Ohio. (Ibid. p.145)
Feb. About the first of this month this group arrive at Kirtland, and Joseph and his wife began living with the Whitneys. (ibid.)