Mike holds a radiant Go 
stone and ponders the game.

Mike Malveaux's vanity page

Not much here, and maintained sporadically.
If you need to reach me, cellphone is usually best: 253-906-0095

Email sent to the account that would logically go with the URL of this page will be seen once or twice a month, and it will be read if it does not seem spammy -- so put something useful in the Subject line, please! If the Subject is blank, or something generic like "Hi" or "Great webpage," then your email will be deleted unread.

That's all for now. Maybe I'll think of more stuff to put here later. Stuff about snowboarding, or Baduk (aka "the Japanese Game of Go"), or baking, or kayaking, or bicycling, or trail-running, or dog scootering, or Aikido.

Or maybe not. That stuff mostly is more fun to actually do than it is to write about.

Other useful links:

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See you on the water / on the trail / at the dojo! :)

Last modified 2012-11-12