AiApp for Apple iPad or Google Android platforms

Abstract: An artificial intelligence application (AiApp) may be
developed from the MindForth open-source artificial intelligence
and its tutorial JavaScript AI (JSAI) version.

1 Introduction

This document presents ideas and guidelines for the developing
of AiApp products based on mentifex-class AI Mind artificial

2 Barriers

Barriers to entry into the field of AiApp publishing include
- possessing or having access to an iPad (TM) or other platform;
- the need to learn programming in a suitable language;
- understanding how the mind works, as modeled in AiMinds;

3 Synopsis

A synopsis of available platforms is predicated on the
pre-assumption that any eligibile AiApp platform has some
kind of app store associated with it, so that the creator
of an AiApp has a way to market the product for use on the
available platforms.

Platforms include, but are not limited to:
- Apple iPad (TM); plus possibly iPad or iPod;
- Google Android mobile devices;
- other.

4 Coding

First you must choose a programming language in which you
re-implement the original AI Minds as coded in Forth and in
JavaScript for Microsoft Internet Explorer (MSIE). You may
have to download the Apple Software Development Kit (SDK) for
the Apple platforms, or suitable materials for the Google
Android platforms.

5 Standards

Shrink not back in fear from the idea of AI Standards.
They are merely suggestions to make life and getting rich quick
easier for Joe Appcoder. A constant tension exists between
standards agreed upon by convention and the maverick surges
that defy convention and shake the world in revolution.
AI Standards are in fact a springboard for revolution.

6 Legal

Open-source software released under the GNU Public License (GPL)
is an irritant and a challenge to money-grubbing corporations
that would rather see the whole open-source sodftware (OSS)
movement dry up and go away. Sorry; OSS is here to stay.
The website is your guardian angel
vigilante watching over violations of the GPL. Of ultimately
greater concern, however, is the possibility that governments
here, there and everywhere may finally get a clue and move to
make independent, unauthorized AI development illegal.
Then you must decide whether to become a bourgois conformist,
or to go underground. Meanwhile, however, you may enjoy the
Golden Age of untrammeled AiApp development and aggrandizement.
Make your fortune now for your bourgeois senescence, or as a
grubstake for your life on the run as an illegal AI undergrounder.

7 Updates

Each stable update to the AiApp software should be released as
a separate product with a version number as a unique identifier.
App store download prices are so low, that the whole price of
the update is really only a fee for upgrading the product. Users
may choose to save money either by diliberately or by simply
accidentally skipping one or more upgrade releases.

For the AiApp developers, there are hidden costs associated with
keeping the User Manual updated in lockstep with the AiApp version
release numbers. Each newly implemented feature needs to be
documented to some extent in the User Manual. Developers may be
so strapped for man-power or AI-power resources that they should
consider letting third parties write books and manuals for use with
the stream of AiApp releases.

8 Opportunity

Be not timid in your imagining of what users your AiApp could be
put to. Consider the following.

  • Your AiApp is a teaching tool for many things, such as how
    the human brain-mind works; how thought may be visualized; and
    how programs may be written to emulate the brain-mind.
  • Enterprising appcoders may write different versions of their
    AiApp for different purposes. Since each AiApp may contain an
    innate, initial knowledge-base (KB), you may write special AiApps
    to order for special customers, special industries or special
  • You may even write your AiApp in Russian.

    9 Diversity

    As many stars as there are in the heavens, so many different
    AiApp flavors and formulae should spring forth for the survival
    of the fittest in the race towards the Technological Singularity.
    The original MindForth AI spawned the
    progeny with new features still lacking in the original Forthmind,
    such as the ability to send and receive e-mail and the ability to
    surf the Web in search of information. Likewise, let your inventive
    genius create novel AI features and innovations in mind-design.
    Lim --> *** (the stars are the limit).

    10 Singularity

    Just as GM (genetically modified) foods can jump the fence and
    ruin the human ecosphere as greedy corporations play God with
    Nature's genetic code, likewise but hopefully not so riskwise,
    AiApp entities may jump from miniature mobile telephones and
    iPads (TM) to legions of robots and to vastnesses of supercomputers.
    What you release as a rudimentary AiApp may turn into the next
    Facebook (MindBook?) or the next WikiReader.

    11 Resources

    Душка Искусственный Интеллект
    Get A Free Russian Keyboard from!

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