progman (programmer's manual)


Mentifex AI coding makes heavy use of the proper default and parameter techniques.


Various iterations of a Table of Variables have been published.

The term statuscon is not itself a variable but instead it
denotes a class of "condition" variables as in the popular
"defcon" term for "defense condition". When the statuscon
variables come into use, they will permit a MindModule to
be at or below a quiescent threshold so that the module will
not perform its main operational function, but will remain
merely ready to do so.
adjcon; becon; defartcon; gencon; indefartcon; kbcon; proxcon; transcon; yncon





  • Rentacoder

    We may use Rentacoder to employ AI programmers in the developing
    of the AI Steps in various computer languages and for thinking in
    various human languages.
    is an example of the initial coding of the MainLoop of a
    mentifex-class AI Mind.

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