Table of Contents

Chapter One: The Message is the Mission
Chapter Two: Burn after Reading
Chapter Three: Origins
Chapter Four: Emergency
Chapter Five: Backstory
Chapter Six: The Long March
Chapter Seven: A Meme is Born
Chapter Eight: Enter the Computer
Chapter Nine: Amiga Mon Amour
Chapter Ten: Panic
Chapter Eleven: Bankruptcy (Was: Gender)
Chapter Twelve: Agitprop
Chapter Thirteen: Taggers
Chapter Fourteen: English
Chapter Fifteen: Advertising
Chapter Sixteen: Science
Chapter Seventeen: Enter the Internet
---- De Re Memetica
Chapter Eighteen: Usenet
---- Crossposting on Usenet
---- Hyperlinks
---- Signature
---- Espionage
---- Memento Mori (Remember to Die)
---- Defeating Spam on Usenet
---- Collateral Damage
---- Sneaky Usenet Techniques
---- ---- Addendum Codicil: Usenet posting in ancient Latin
Chapter Nineteen: World Wide Web
---- Obtaining Web Sites
---- Linking to your website
Chapter Twenty: Blogging with Weblogs
---- The Big Picture (Overview of blogging)
---- Schizophrenia (Divergent purposes: funding and meme-spreading)
---- Genre (What is the purpose of your weblog?)
---- Operations (Managing your weblog)
---- Your personal weblog
---- Commenting on weblogs
---- Technorati (Catalog of weblogs)
Chapter Twenty-One: Flickr Photo-Sharing
---- High weirdness by Mentifex
Chapter Twenty-Two: Wikipedia
Chapter Twenty-Three: Wiki Sites in General
Chapter Twenty-Four: LinkedIn
Chapter Twenty-Five: Slashdot
Chapter Twenty-Six: Disproportionate Power