Thanks for visiting. I update this site whenever possible. As we Marxists say, "the only thing that doesn't change is change itself." Last updated October 26th, 2014.

First off, thanks to these two great guys for giving
us the theory and practice for a better world.

Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin

Commie Stuff

Why is my page a "Red Menace"? Because I've been a card-carrying member of the Communist Party, USA since 1994, after one year in the Young Communist League.

Read the Communist Press! The People's World is the newspaper of the CPUSA (here is a link to my articles published in the PWW since November, 2001), and Political Affairs is the monthly journal of the CPUSA.

The University of Washington has done a fairly comprehensive project on the History of the Communist Party in Washington State.

Here is an article I posted on a newsgroup I used to debate on about Communism. And one from a debate in 2001.

For a listing of Communist and Worker's Parties around the world, visit ComInterNet.

My Trips to Cuba: 1997 and 1999.

Red FAQs!
The following are pages to help answer questions I frequently get.

Marxism Defined
Why am I a Commie?
Socialism vs. Communism
Revolution or Reform (or both?)
The Incentive to Work under Socialism
Love it or Leave it" / "Anti-" or "Un-American"

And finally, a page I created honoring past and current comrades of the CPUSA.

Occupy Wall Street - and Everywhere Else!

Beginning on September 17, 2011, Occupy Wall Street took over a park near the New York Stock Exchange. Since then, thousands of other occupations have sprung up around the country - and the world.

This is Change We Can Believe In. This Is What Democracy Looks Like. This may be our only hope.

Who Am I?

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I was born in 1964 in the Great State of Minnesota. I call it a great state, because it was wonderful to grow up there. However, as an adult, I prefer not to live there now (the weather sucks!). That's one of the many reasons I call Seattle my home.

Besides being a Communist, I'm a nearly-vegan (click here to read my reply to Time magazine's awful 7/15/02 cover story on vegetarianism), non-drinking, non-smoking, non-chemical using (alcohol, caffeine, nicotine included) Party animal. ;-)

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