The Doctor's Exam That Boldly Goes Where No Man Has Gone Before

You're a "young" girl (just over jailbait age) going in for your first exam but you get the date wrong (i.e., Labor Day instead of the following Monday because you're from a very rural area of Canada, ehh).

I'm the janitor who likes to wear doctor type clothes. I decide to take advantage of your innocence as you mistake me for a doctor on the day the office is closed and I'm wearing the surgical garments and face mask (I'm cleaning).

It's late afternoon or morning. You called Friday to confirm your appointment and they told you it would be the first work day of next week (Tuesday.) Entering my apartment (office) on Monday, Labor Day, you state you're here for your first exam as a woman.

I "explain" the other staff is out for a "conference" and you were misscheduled but that is okay anyway as I came in early as your eyes dart around the office wondering why no one else is around. You're wearing knee high stocking, white panties, a black skirt barely covering your virgin ass (very short, slut short), and a white revealing blouse showing your cleavage and push-up bra. I give you an eyeful as I undress you with my bedroom eyes.

I first take a detailed and explicit sexual and physical history, physically touching you everywhere that's covered by clothes. I ask many personal and awkward questions. You squirm a bit like when your bare ass has been spanked OTK yet you answer all of them because you're a submissive slut who wants to please the masters in your life. And besides, you can trust me, "Iím a doctor."

Then, I have you strip. I watch you intently, it makes you feel funny particular when I offer to help you with your clothes, unbutton your blouse button by button and ever so slowly as I expose your cleavage, tell you to turn around and be vulnerable as I unhook and remove your bra, then freeing your imprisoned breasts, unzip your skirt and watch it fall to the floor like your morals, remove your slip and camosile, and finally roughly pull down your panties as you shiver in the newness of it. You find that my ocular attention, my touching you lightly everywhere, my comments embarrass you about your body but also turn you on, as well as the questions during your interrogation.

You "resist" quite a bit, yet ask me other questions about male and female sexuality. Finally you answer my other personal questions and let me "fondle" and look at you because your mother always told you that doctors, policepersons, and the religious persons could be trusted.

When I examine you, I discover you haven't properly prepared for the examination. Maybe I discipline you with a spanking. You must have an enema and vaginal cleansing. I prepare you in the convenient shower down the hall. (Or you can do this before you arrive and I'll accuse you of being a dirty little tart anyway.

Later, I place you on the couch which folds into a futon bed. I tell you it's best for first time patients. It has a place to restraint arms and legs and spread them out for deep examinations. I closely examine your mouth, hands, ass, rectum, pussy, breasts with my hands, fingers, tongue, and toys. You want to object but this is the first time anyone's really paid attention to you. And my touch is soft, particularly when I give you a massage before beginning the exam.

Yet, you protest when it seems like I touch too much, in all the wrong places. Particularly when I take off my pants. It's so hot, I tell you. I lean over you. You can see, smell my naked pulsating, expanding cock and balls through my gym shorts underneath my surgical pants.

Rubbing up against your face. I ask you when you last had an orgasm. You look at me bewildered. I tell you need a special exam, an orgasmic response exam. Typical for someone your age. I test your oral, vaginal, breast, and anal reactions and responses to my cock, hands, toys, nipple clamps. Sometimes all at the same time. Then I begin to kiss you.

You realize that maybe I'm not the doctor and try to get up. I throw you back on the examination table (couch) and tie you up gently, telling you what I'm going to do to you now as I begin to plunge a double-headed dildo into your helpless spread-eagled ass and cunt watching your chest turn flush red, mouth make that "O" expression, and body twitch like you're having seizures when you finally come. Perhaps, I'll blindfold you. Maybe you were a blind girl after all.

I tell you what a naughty slut you've been, letting me play with you, ask you to imagine what your "daddy" would say. You tell me he/she would restrain and then spank you on your bare ass. I do, hearing you begging me to "stop, I'll be good" while hoping I won't. My hand descends like hail in an Iowa thunderstorm. Of course, I leave no marks, only memories for next time. And a desire that pap smears were more often. Maybe things even switch. You get even with the always convenient strap-on that I have for life's little adventures.

Of course, if you want to help me write this out by acting it out, you know the drill.

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